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Welcome to SRP

Students' Research Project Portal (SRP)

SRP is an online digital registry containing all Past Students’ Project Works of Koforidua Technical University. The portal is accessible to students, organisations, companies and the general public.

Benefits of listing your Project Work on this portal

  1. The portal will serve as a point of reference to you and others, to know your research work you undertook while in school
  2. Companies who may want to research into your research area/topic might call on you since you have a deep knowledge on it
  3. NGOs, other profitable organisations and companies are always looking for students to employ with skills related to what they do. This portal will offer you such opportunities
  4. Upcoming final year students who may want to carry out a research project will find out if a student has undertaken a similar or same project on this portal.
  5. Students and others will contact you for assistance once they have a similar project to carry out and you can negotiate on monetary terms with them.
  6. You will have your name listed on search engines (SEO) once someone try searching for a project/research topic similar to yours.