About Us

Who We Are?,

KTUinsider is an independent online news portal and platform with rich contents to inform, inspire and impact; educate and entertain; and ensure healthy lifestyle among students and the general public.

Our Mission

We believe we have come to a new age where we believe KTU Students do not longer have to walk to a noticeboard on campus before he/she can be informed, it is in this view KTUinsider was born (in April, 2017). we push news, information and happenings to students on their smartphones in real-time via this blog (ktuinsider.com) and our social media platforms including whatsapp (+233240273100)

An average university student have a smartphone and it is the fastest growing source where information is consumed/spread in the world than the traditions mode of communication (radio, television, graphic). Today’s mobile phones are not just for voice calls and messaging; they are your Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) they help you plan your finances, daily schedules, set reminders and get notifications on social media platforms and other news blogs/apps etc. “lack of knowledge my people perish”

We need to tell our own stories, “If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Someone Else Will” that is why we are here, we will tell our story just as it is, we listen to students and let them express their views.

What We Wo?

We groom and mentor student writers, bloggers and editors who writes and publish news, articles and stories on our blog (ktuinsider.com)

This Blog addresses all issues affecting students and beyond the region, we have information related to Academics, Entertainment, Campus Politics, Accommodation, Campus Life, Entrepreneurship, Solarship, Inspiration and Self-Improvement, Health Issues, Career Development, Relationships Issues, Student Activist, Students Artist, Student Musicians, Campus Events, Students Articles, Students Catchup, Gossip, Break Ups, Scandals, Technology News, Sports News and etc.

We are also engaged in Event Management, Online Advertisements/Promotions, Content Development, Social Media advertising/adviser and Training

What We Hope To Be?


To be the only relevant news blog and preferred sure of information to the Students of KTU and beyond.