Development of the Youth in Freedom and in Justice – Dr. Jamal


Development of the Youth in freedom and in justice; As Adams Smith puts it, education is an investment good to the individual and an investment good to the nation. The nation derives its investment good aspect by positioning the Youth as a catalyst for economic growth and development and by doing so, unearth the investment good of the individual. Over the decades, very many of the Youth have been used as a reserved labour for political party power. Politicians sing the Youth songs and drive no real change in terms of development.

The question I ask is, don’t the Youth deserve better attainment from their education? If your answer is yes, then you need to reposition yourself for a new course of action. Never allow business as usual in the democratic process in Ghana. The politicians are getting more and more powerful through your thumb, yet jobs creation are gradually diminishing. Are you happy with this situation? I don’t think so, and conventional political parties you have supported in the past have failed us.

The time is now and we must make our votes a right to better life. How much do you need to ask in terms of jobs creation from governments? Make development a right as it is and not a privilege. Ghana needs industrial farms, we need better health services, we need good transportation systems and so on. Governments have not made concrete developmental priorities but political party priorities. Development is now!


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