A Collaborative Effort Is All What We Need To Secure Victory Come 2020 – Henrietta Asante


There is a light; a light that will shine bright for all eyes to see. A light that is bringing progress and glory to our dear nation but it’s unto us as citizens to support the base in lightning up this expected light.

Ghana’s development they say is a pregnancy which abortion can’t be an option. The nation requires an experienced leader who is sociable and very affable. The office of the Presidency needs a kindhearted soul, who connects well and moves with the masses in all levels. As a matter of fact, the office of the presidency must be occupied by a leader who everybody can have access to, with a very little or no difficulty at all times. A leader whose credibility is tried, tested and trusted by us is all what we sought to have in this august position of our great nation, Ghana. In the upcoming 2020 election, we plead the good people of Ghana out of sentimentalism, support and vote for His excellency JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA.

In his mind is Ghana’s Interest First which has been preached from day one: Accountability and Proper Management, Governance with Experience and Competency, Governance with Infrastructural Development and Governance with You in mind. This explains why he knocks on your door everyday, engaging you in interactions and also explaining his stands with regards to how we all collaboratively, can together make and build a great nation.

Election 2020 is not about him but rather about the citizenry. JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA, come 2020 is a Movement;

  • A movement that seeks to advocate for the citizens and not just some selected few, meaning He isn’t coming for the few to enjoy and the multitude wallow in quagmire. He’s coming for all
  • A movement that liberates our great nation from the canker of *being hard to see or very easy to be taken for granted.
  • A movement that challenges the status quo of threatened neglects of the very people who power belongs to, and our decisions denied on daily bases as Ghanaians.

The challenges we face are great, and the work before us is hard but I believe we can make a change when we come together. The change which has been a regulatory factor since the dawn of creation is all what we are yelling for. My word for the youth is simple.
Ghana can be better than we met it
Its an all inclusive movement. Just look at the bigger picture and make a commitment towards making our nation better. I have the conviction that, we have a say in how the story ends.

Let’s join the _”YOU IN MIND”_ MOVEMENT.
An agenda that demands more from leadership.
An agenda with you in mind and not the satisfaction of an ambition. Thanks for making this firm decision to join JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA as we ensure the agenda 2020 dream to become a reality.

#The choice of all is obvious.

National Deputy Tein coordinator


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