Indeed We All Are In A State Of Sorrow And Grief – KTU SRC President


Warmest greetings to us all wonderful students of this noble institution.

It is sad for us to experience such losses in this season.

Indeed, we all are in a state of sorrow and grief but let us not forget that in all situations and circumstances we give Thanks to our maker, condolences to the families of the lost ones, we plea that they should take heart.

Nevertheless, this should send an indication that we are to take care of ourselves here on campus by early reporting of any uneasiness or unusual feelings for early curbing.

Keeping to ourselves would rather kill us for which cure cannot be given or would be too late.

We most of the time neglect the necessity of life which is prayer, thinking that nothing revolves around us.

Prayer whether we like it or not turn things around irrespective of our backslides.

Please let us give ourselves to prayer and all would be well.

Measures are urgently being put in place to ensure rapid response to any unexpected incidents for our own health, welfare and safety.

I therefore urge us all to not deviate our attention but to continue in intensive and effective revision and concentration on our examination but not over stressing ourselves.

May the Lord keep us all safe with His mercies and Love, and grant success in our exams.

Thank You.
Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu
SRC President.


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