10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Calbank Student Account


Open a student account and enjoy these amazing offers and more

  1. Free Debit card
  2. Free sign on to CalBank E-Staternents
  3. Free EZWICH Card
  4. No monthly service charges
  5. Free ATM withdrawals
  6. No limit on number of withdrawals
  7. Free sign on to CalBank E-Aierts
  8. Interest paid on account monthly
  9. Free sign on to CalNet
  10. Easy to open an account

This is one of the best deals no bank can offer to students.

KTUinsider have been talking to Calbank for some time now and can testify each beneficiary (student) stand the chance of benefiting from all the above ten (10) mentioned offers.

KTUinsider wish to encourage all students to sign up for this student Account, especially those who will be needing Ezwich Card for student’s loan or for National Service.

It’s an international bank, People can send money from outside the country into the account

You ONLY need Five Ghana Cedis and your student’s ID to open this account and stand the chance of benefiting from the above mentioned offers.

Please to sign up for this account, Click on the pre-sign up registration below to get yourself activated and workers from Calbank will be on campus to open this account for you in the few days to come. Thank you

Click here for Pre-Sign Up Registration


Provide valid information about yourself so we can contact you for account opening. Account Opening is strictly by Pre-Sign Up registration


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