The State Of Koforidua Technical University 2018/2019 SRC Administration

Apedzego Emmanuel
Apedzego Emmanuel

Efo  Qweku Apedzego writes;

Student leadership has become a place where most students acquire the requisite leadership skill to help shape our country Ghana. We can boost of OKUGETO ABLAKWA and the likes, they started with student politics and now they are the people leading our great nation Ghana. When His Excellency Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu became the president of KTU in the year 2018, after his overwhelming victory, one thing most student said was, he is a principled and a very religious man, and therefore, our SRC will see a new change. All that I said to myself was, time will tell. During his handing over, he sounded as man ready to fight corruption and to match the mighty hand bullying SRC boot for boot.

Soon his days of governance began with a gargantuan budgets, in the history of KTU SRC, 2018/2019 administration is one that produced the most outrageous budget. Its electoral commission used over Gh₵37, 000.00 to organize elections for less than 8000 students. Not forgetting its impeached Finance officer and Organizer embezzling an amount estimated to be over Gh₵12,000.00.

The legislature for this administration have been one of the best though, they have their shortfalls, the general assembly, and the Judiciary have done a no man’s job and they need to be applauded for that. In as much as I appreciate their activities, I was also disappointed in the General Assembly members in the way and manner discussions are done on the floor of the house. Example;

  1. Some accredited members come to the house without a constitution hence raise baseless arguments.
  2. Some accredited members happen to be laymen to the proceedings in the house
  3. Low participation by accredited members on delicate issues
  4. Low turnout by accredited members
  5. Poor dress codes to the house
  6. Poor scrutinization of documents eg. Budgets

In all these challenges, the house had constituted one of the best committees; Monitoring and evaluation committee. Which was chaired by one of the most senior man of the house. Him together with his committee did a great job.

Now, the question we must ask ourselves is “what is the current state of our SRC?”. A question that need response from the presidency.

When His Excellency Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu came into governance, his outmost priority was to start SRC’s hostel project, what is the state of that project now? The projected was halted because SRC was in court to fight a consultant known as FILIPPOSIS.  The consultants are demanding Gh₵3,000,000.00 from our SRC for breach of contracts, now my questions are;

  1. Who led us to FILIPOSIS?
  2. Why is Mr President silent on the issue?
  3. Why is administration silent on the issue?
  4. Is there any conspiracy between administration and the consultant?
  5. Has the said amount been paid? And if yes, who authorized the payment?

With the little information I have, the case has been thrown out of court. Again I ask;

  1. Why is the Chief Justice not briefing us on the case?
  2. Is it that, we cannot finance our lawyer, so he has not been appearing in court, and that the case is been thrown out of court?
  3. And if we cannot finance our lawyer, how much is in our SRC account?
  4. Or someone is preventing us from withdrawing money from our account to pay the lawyer?
  5. Is it that, the Chief Justice and the lawyer have been paid not to appear in court?

Secondly, as students we know that our famous “KAMASA TV” has been rented to several entities, where has those proceeds been going? We need answers!

Also, our SRC bus also, has been in use for some months now and where are its proceeds?

Again, our recently passed SRC week celebration has several sponsors, it is over a month now, and we have not received any report from the house. The constitution mandates you to present a report a week after every occasion. Why the delay of the report?

Our SRC signed a contract with Bola Ray’s company to organize the SRC week. The information reaching us is that, the company took Gh₵11,000.00 from SRC and they added up to help us celebrate our SRC week. Now, we want the council to come clear to us;

  1. The said contract document?
  2. What the money was used to for?
  3. And who signed the contract?

Finally, as students, we have witness of renovation work on the benches at our summer hut popularly known as “lovers’ bench” Since it was not factored in the 2018/2019 budget, we want the breakdown of the cost involved?

It is time, Mr. President, you address these pressing issues, we cannot sit down and watch this harm perpetuated on our SRC coffers. It is often said that “success should be the natural reward for hard work, initiative and moral uprightness”. We need a collective sense of mission to change mind-sets; and to steer the SRC away from a dangerous course of corruption and greediness. We are therefore calling on you to come clear the waves on the following issues:

  1. The state of FILIPOSIS (Hostel project case in court)
  2. The contract signed between SRC and Borla Ray company during our SRC week celebrate and the Gh₵11,000.00 which was given to the company by SRC
  3. How much has been received from the renting of SRC LED SCREEN and SRC bus
  4. How far with the impeached executive and their payment of the embezzled funds
  5. Where is the SRC Cafeteria Money?
  6. Where is the contract that was signed between SRC and the current USERS of SRC printing PRESS?
  7. How much was involved in the renovation of the benches at the summer hut

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

Nelson Mandela- May 2002



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