Safety and Precautions tips – Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu


End of semester examination is here again and as usual it’s a season that is prune to many mishaps in and around the University community.

Mishaps in terms of students been attacked and disposed of their valuables. Students are to be alert and smart around this time, where walking alone at late hours should be avoided.

Carrying valuables like laptops, phones, monies and etc on them must be avoided at late hours or around this times.

Though the SRC and Management of the University are putting measures in place to ensure effective police patrols during this season and fixing of street lights at remote areas.

I would urge my fellow colleague students to move in groups of Two and more to areas which lead to their various hostels and apartment.

The school security has also open an asset book, when if it’s late you can walk to the University’s Administration and leave your valuables with the Security men, which would be recorded in the assets book, so they can be retrieved later in the day.

Also, Students especially the ladies should put on clothes which would avoid exposing sensitive and attractive parts of their figure of beauty during late hours to prevent mosquito bites as well as opportunist who are ready to take advantage of them.

Students ID cards should be carried along all the time for easy identification by security guards in case of any Pop Up’s or issues.

We are all encouraged to Pray, Study hard and avoid all forms of examination malpractices.

Wish us all luck in the 2018/2019 End of Second Semester Examination.

Thank you.

Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu.
(KTU SRC President)


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