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(FOE executives deserve applause)
A pertinent question that comes into the mind of every KTU student prior to election is, “What satisfaction I’m I going to get from voting”? About some decades ago, the question was, “Whom should I vote for?”. Indeed a lot has change within such a short time.

Beyond the questions that we were asking, however, another troubling menace seems to be sweeping across the current political arena in which we find ourselves in as students. Back in the days, we had visionaries as leaders, hence, our SRC can boast of its bonified assets been it Cafeteria, Business Centre, Summer Hut, Buses, Land, LED etc.

A department like Purchasing and Supply Science can boast of a mini Library and it goes on and on. People who spoke with conviction for what they believed in and were ready to go all length to leave the departments/ SRC better than the state in which they met it were given the nod to serve the interest of students at both the departmental and SRC level.

Today the narrative has changed tragically.
The majority of our departmental and faculty executives not to talk of the SRC are practicing what I call, “Milking the Cow to Cow the others”

I see our faculty and departmental executives being myopic or short sighted. They’re only concerned about celebrating ” faculty/department” whiles they know very well that, they have nothing to talk of when it comes to serving the interest of their peoples but yet still that’s always been their mantra. No physical project to boast of, No intervention, Not even an advocacy work, Nothing. But yet still they call themselves leaders. Isn’t that funny.
The current trend of short sighted executives we elect at our departmental and faculty levels is what’s deteriorating the SRC and I believe I share the same concerns with anyone who has taken the pain to observe the trajectory of events in our political arena. Why won’t the General Assembly be blamed if its occupied with only selfish and characters who are only thinking about their parochial interest and nothing else. What best value is students going to get if these same myopic leaders are representing them at the General Assembly. No wonder the General Assembly has totally lost its functions as a legislative body to ensure Check and Balances. Should this trend continue, what’s going to be the next line of argument if SRC loses its recognition. Let’s rethink about the whole composition of the General Assembly again.

Recently the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) under the auspices of K.P OSABUTEY has started a project which they think best serves the interest of their people rather than using the accrued money to celebrate the faculty whiles they know the faculty has nothing worthy to celebrate of. A faculty of about 860 students, have substituted their faculty celebration to a “Resting Seats and Notice board”. The reason behind this project is to serve as a yardstick to all executives that will lead the faculty of Engineering not to only waste the accrued dues on entertainment only but rather other developmental projects to bring glory and honor to the faculty.
What is the rest of the faculties doing, are they going to emulate from them, their good works or they’re still going to stick to their normal routine which is pageantry, entertainment trips etc.


The departmental and faculty executives also have a duty to serve. Service but not Servitude. Faculty and Departmental executives, leave a legacy so that your names can be written in Gold. I will leave you with this Law of Power which says, “Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument” (It’s much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word. Demonstrate, do not explicate “
And with the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) executives, your people had an overwhelming desire to believe in you, that’s why you were chosen. Now you’ve become the focal point of such desire by offering them what’s due them and also a new faith to the executives from different faculties on campus to follow. I Say God bless you all.

To the other Faculty executives on campus, ENTER ACTION WITH BOLDNESS (Any mistakes you commit through audacity are easily corrected with more audacity. Everyone admires the bold; no one honors the timid)

#(No one must know; Always stay INVINCIBLE)


  1. Am very proud of these executives and God bless these executives and their generation yet on born………. These people are called leaders and indeed they are leaders

  2. Yes! Osabutey and his team ought to be appreciated. They did more than well to be appreciated. God will reachly bless them. And I pray , that these good works they did for FOE should forever follow them.


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