If You Have Had Sex In Your Dreams, Please Stop What You Are Doing And Read This


In Lagos Nigeria at the hotel where I was staying.

One early morning while heading to have my breakfast, I met one of the boys that works at the hotel.

I decided to interact with him, I called him to join me for the breakfast, he did and we started talking.

In middle of the conversation he told me how he graduated from the University of Benin with an honour in Economics.

Since then he started looking for a job without finding any until he decided to come to the hotel and become a waitress.

The sad part of the story is that according to him, anyone that promises to help him accidentally dies or become poor.

He didn’t understand his life but decided to live with it.

He told me that each time he’s promised a job or someone offers to help him, a strange woman suddenly appears and have sex with him in dream and once that is done, the promise fails.

Many people are going through this.

Read this carefully!!! Having sex in dream means you are married and sleeping with demons.

Nothing on earth is more jealous than a spiritual husband or wife, if you have sex in dream nothing will work physically for you.

Once you have sex in dream, you have left your blood inside a demon as a man and as a woman a demon has left his blood inside you.

Anywhere you go, you carry demon inside you that’s why everything you try to do fails.

Your life will be frustrated until you ask whether really God does exist or not.

I prayed for this young man and that same night in his dream, a woman came and gave him a ring and waved him bye.

As I type today, he’s working with Access Bank, married with kids and wealthy.

Have you ever had sex in dream?

You need serious deliverance.

Use any of your right fingers to Type “Fire” 3 times and share this post 3 times, before you wake up tomorrow morning, you will have a dream, that demon will come and say bye to you.

That’s the end of spiritual wife and husband.

No more sex in dream. It’s done. Try and see.

Am in Limpopo.



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