BABA YAKINI Writes – Politics Of Equalization At The Just Ended KTU Election


During the day of voting, all aspirants were first asked to vote before any other person. This has been a tradition since the establishment of KTU SRC. When the voting was ongoing, Yvonne Korang (Health & Welfare officer hopeful) was ambivalent as to who to vote for the male organizer so she skipped that portfolio not knowing Bright Aikins (Male Organizer hopeful) was standing beside her.

Bright Aikins was bemused out of the unexpected, hence, he asked his funs to stop doing what’s expected of them and do the contrary forgetting they were there because of him and not any other aspirant. Those around there at the moment were awed why Bright Aikins took such decisions amorally whiles the voting was ongoing. He would have won if he had taken his chances right. That decision of his really caused him because, as always said, silence is the language of the gods but they pay back bitterly when stepped on their toes.

The funs of Bright Aikins ascribed their anger to Yvonne Korang’s insecurity to ensure she loses her portfolio forgetting they’ll also need her funs to secure Bright Aikin’s victory. Upon hearing what’s going on by Yvonne Korang’s funs, they also gingered their campaign and theirs was filled with aspersion (damaging remarks). Wasn’t that absurd… Hmmmmm

Instead of them also concentrating on doing what’s expected of them, they also towed a different tangential. Both teams campaign was filled with one aspersion after another.

After the declaration, both parties lost. Now who is to be blamed, “Is it the funs who’re Careless or the aspirants who’re Callous”.

“I wish, I wish I wish”, has become the song of the day. Bright Aikins wished he had listened to all the advises given to him free of charge. Yvonne Korang also had wished she never committed such a blander. But hey, “WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN BRIGHT AIKINGS STAND, IF YVONNE KORANG HAD NOT SKIPPED THE PORTFOLIO OF THE MALE ORGANIZER AND VOTED FOR ANY OF HIS COMPETITORS?”

I would not blame the culprit that much but the victim also should have taken things lightly after all it was a supportive game they were playing. Each one wasn’t for him/herself at that juncture. Now both parties are laughing at the wrong side of their mouths. Politics isn’t evil as others sees it.  Now, the big question is; Was it Good to play the game of “Politics of Equalization” or Not?



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