Empire Writes; Hypothesis We Call Activism


“Fools multiply when wise men are silent.”
— Nelson Mandela

It becomes suicidal when activists acts contrary to the motive of activism. Personal sentiments has now been fused to the activities of activism which isn’t given birth to its objective. Isn’t that ridiculous. Feelings of students are being played by some group of people with the notion of fighting for them but it is for their own parochial interest. I’m not against activism but how it’s been diluted. If this was the interface of activism, all these self acclaimed activist wouldn’t have developed interest in it.

What was their contribution to activism on campus when they were freshers ?

We were here when some so called self acclaimed student activists matched to a law court for an injunction all in the name of correcting what they think is wrong. Now the question is, Have they achieved their objective to reach their satisfaction. If NO, then what’s the essence of the delay of the whole electoral process.

Now, the electoral commission as at today has not received a penny out of their budget. A budget which was approved by the General Assembly constitutionally have not been attended to.

Is the so called activist who claim to be fighting for students interest aware that the SRC has not release any funds to the commission or they don’t recognise them also as students. See, as at now, the fate of the election as it stands now can never be told but these activists are acting as if all is well. Isn’t that absurdity.

*A situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time is hypocrisy.*

The deeds of activists today is really a gross hypocrisy. If these activists can pinpoint the wrongs of the commission but can never identify the challenges of the commission, then i think the good people can attribute an adjective to that effect.
Indeed there’s a huge task ahead of the commission which with the support of all stakeholders, the necessary satisfaction students have yearned for will be manifested. ACTIVISM IS TO CORRECT NOT TO DAMAGE

Indeed the wise have been silent for long…… but the noise of the sea will not stop the fishes from sleeping.



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