Open Message To All Students – Ebenezer Havor


The main reasons why, we are failing as SRC is that the youth, who are the future leaders, started practicing irrational behaviour, corrupt act and greedy, all in the name of the love for money.

Even though money is good it must come from the right source!

Concerns has been raised by some aspirants, student’s activists and corruption campaigners on KTU campus pertaining, the SRC general election.

Which some constitutional provisions were overlooked by the EC, which is against the rule of law.

I humbly write, to plead with the chairman of the EC to put the right mechanism in place to ensure peace in the upcoming election.

Mr. Garry l know you to be a man of integrity, please don’t let anyone manipulate you, to achieve his ill agenda.

To the student’s body please let be calm and pray for the EC to organized free, fair and transparent election.

Thank you all….

Issued By …

Ebenezer Havor
Anti-Corruption Campaigner.
Advocating For Good Governance.


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