Response To The Notice Issued On 10th April, 2019 By The KTU SRC EC Concerning The Vetting Of New Aspirants And Manifesto Reading By Qualified Candidates


It is rather unfortunate that the current Electoral Commission has reduce itself to public ridicule by not learning from their mistakes. I write this in the interests of our SRC constitution.

Below are the reasons for my response:

  1. Which constitutional provision(s) permitted the Commission to reopen nomination when Aspirants have successfully gone through the vetting process and are now qualified candidates for Election? Article 25 (V) is very clear…its states that, In the event of a post not being contested for, the EC shall open fresh no nomination do that position for which voting would be limited to the members of the General Assembly at their inaugural meeting This can only happen in a banana republic like KTU SRC.
  2. How can you vet other Aspirants whilst others are also reading their manifesto? So I ask, when will those who are scheduled for vetting today also read their manifesto to the student’s body. This is very laughable.
  3. What will be the candidate’s number on the ballot screen for those who will be vetted today? This is because all qualified candidates have been given their respective numbers according to their performance at vetting. Let’s us all think through this.
  4. The attempt by the EC to reopen nomination when all candidates have successfully gone through vetting is unconstitutional and wrong. Who mandated the commission to even take that decision in the first place? Again, the vetting of new aspirants is also null and void. It has no constitutional merits.

Now, my Advice to the commission and All Stakeholders:

  • The commission should just nullify the entire vetting process and restart the process again…if not, then they should just cancel the vetting they plan doing today or disqualify those who have issues with the process.
  • The EC should kindly return monies to those who picked nomination form when they reopened the unconstitutional nomination.
  • The members of commission should just resign from their post and go away. They have no moral authority to be at post. They have demonstrated a high level of incompetence and mistrust. It looks like they don’t even know what they are doing. Very shambolic!
  • The commission should stop its autocratic tactics and hold proper dialogue with candidates and all relevant stakeholders.
  • I doubt if this electoral commission can organize a free, fair and a credible election this year. The constitutional violations are just too many to bear with. We can’t pardon them…. never!!!
  • To the Aspirants, it looks like some of you are better placed so you don’t want to question the process. This confirms a popular proverb…. which reads, “The lion does not roar if it has a prey in its mouth 👄”
  • But remember that, when a corrupt system gives birth to you, you’re considered same as the system.
  • The commission can begin the entire process again…. if they want correct the wrongs. The University of Ghana SRC has done a similar thing when some aspirants and students petitioned their Judiciary Board on some constitutional violations.
  • To our students Activists, some of you are doing a very good work…. challenging the process and revealing some breaches and wrongs in the system. Those who are silent because of your greedy interests…. continue to remain silent.
  • I want to encourage the entire students body to help protect and defend our SRC constitution. We shouldn’t allow people to undermine the supremacy of SRC constitution.




Citizen Kojo Deholy 🇬🇭

(Concerned Alumnus)


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