If Today Is Election Day, Who Will You Vote?

SRC Elections 2019
SRC Elections 2019



NOTE: This is just an Opinion Polls and can NOT be taken to be the true picture of the election


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  1. The sweet agenda all the way. A new wind of change is blowing and it massively going through KTU. I pledge team Onyame Akasa.

  2. Comment:He has the knowledge and vision for the job….his knowledge in politics, the majority leader for the KTU parliament and a whole lot of his qualifications he choose to humbly not brag about….#6 #TEAM_GARIBA
    I choose competency over fame

  3. Team sweet . Good policies . Thinks about student , ready to serve.. people said wrong information abt his result . But he handled the situation maturely, ..I love his policy abt the SRC boa mi fund ( SRC help me ) a fund which help student who can’t genuinely pay their fees ..SRc past questions portal , advocate for police patrol on and off campus.. etc ..Nyame Akasa team ..u have great vision for ktu ..

  4. I am going for Marie,we shd vote for Marie so history can repeat itself(the only female president we had in KTU and during her office we were able to get the single SRC bus.)
    The only thing the men can do is buying us KTU plasma.
    Vicky too is not bad as Wocom

  5. Come to think of a student leader who has the requisite knowledge in politics, policies, and above all has established that connection which is directed to making a massive change in the lives of students through his feasible policies. Team Gariba. We have ur back.

  6. So you call this a fair vote? I can’t waste my time and vote for a cheat like Gariba. Why ask you members vote and comment multiple times? What sort of a leader are you?

  7. Please am new here but when I look at their policies I can confirm to you that let all vote give BENNETT HEMENG as our new SRC PRESIDENT on coming Wednesday

    • I would clearly state that any student who vote for any presidential aspirant aside Gariba has made a huge mistake . Please let’s be real here , are we aware that it was Gariba who petitioned The SRC and the VC to help open registration portal for student’s who weren’t having money to register last semester? how many student’s would have deferred if this activist had not fought for that whiles he had already paid his fees in full at that time. This voting should no more be about he’s from my department ,he’s my friend. Please Mr.Insider ,you personally, are you aware of what Gariba has done for students without he having any power or position? PLEASE POST THIS FOR ALL STUDENT’S TO KNOW AND VOTE FOR THIS GREAT GUY. KTU should have him as their president.

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