Lo And Behold I Am Back Into The Race Again – Mr Obed Noussoukpoe Mawupedzro


Mr Obed Noussoukpoe Mawupedzro, who was reportedly disqualified from the SRC Presidential race yesterday is back into the race again.

Mr. Obed is a level 200 HND Building Technology student from engineering department, he pulled out 7th position after the Electoral Commission’s vetting and has Mr. Emmanuel Kyei as vice also offering HND Purchasing & Supply. He is number eight (8) on the ballot screen

Speaking to KTUinsider, he said;

“It came to the notice of the student body that; I was out of the SRC presidential race. But lo and behold I am back into the race again. I urge all my followers to know, there is still hope for change. Let’s join forces and spearhead the agenda of transparent and accountable governance”.



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