A Look At The 2018/2019 Electoral Process – Efo Qweku Apedzego

Concerned Student, Apedzego Emmanuel (AHASS EC)
Concerned Student, Apedzego Emmanuel (AHASS EC)

Since the tenure of 2016/2017 Electoral commissioner, Georgina Boateng, that saw fierce electoral overturns and constitutional disputes, subsequent commissions have been characterized with a plethora of flaws and presumed personal interest above the interest of students.

This particular years’ (2018/2019) electoral commission is no exception. The commission has and is experiencing its own share of constitutional flaws and failure with several allegations being raised from various sectors among the students and beyond. The failure of the process started when a past student (alumni and a former member of the GNUTS EC) and current SRC Chief Justice was included on the vetting panel in seeking the next EC commission with was unconstitutional.

Next to make waves was the absurd and unprecedented EC budget that was pushed through scrutiny in a “Rambo Style”. Many believed the budget was outrageous and very little was heard of again in that regards. As to whether the right thing was done, only God can tell.

It was later heard, the EC Chairman and the EC relegated themselves the powers when they chose another student known in student domain as “Empire” to become the Director of Election without recourse to the SRC Constitution.

To the incredulity of students, there was a repeat of the same mistake that the vetting panel did and was cautioned on, when the current Chief Justice (Ebenezer Donkor) was included on the Executive Aspirants vetting panel even though the constitution is supposed to be our guide in the conduct of elections of the SRC. One may ask, how can the Chief Justice fulfill his mandate as inscribed in Article 9 clause ‘B’ subsection III and IV, how would the CJ arbitrate should there be a dispute or confusion with the vetting results.

Why are we always behaving as hypocrites, can’t we for ones do the right thing, if the custodian of the law doesn’t respect it, how would the students respect the law that guides us.  Are we serious as an institution, as students and upcoming leaders, what exactly are we learning?  How long are we going to continue with this uncivilized and illiterate attitude? One may think he has grown and has learnt a lot of sense but the fact is they learnt stupidity.

Let’s be citizens and not spectators, KTU SRC must work again.



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