The Contribution Of KTU Electorates To SRC’s Failure

Apedzego Emmanuel
Apedzego Emmanuel

We cannot lambaste SRC’s failed administrations, both past and present without lambasting the student’s populace who are the electorates.

We the electorates have been the causative of this problem. We must bear responsibilities too.

Sometimes, I’m even surprised that, a tertiary institution with intellectuals, will vote like “market women with no educational background”. It is very sad, very disgusting and very alarming.

How can intellectuals be voting based on

  1. Appearance
  2. Faculty
  3. Department
  4. Religion
  5. Popularity etc

I remember, some years back, one senior Bacteriologist at Eastern Regional Hospital, told me, “the youth of these days, lacks the sense of objectivity, we don’t analyse, interrogate and subject issues to critical thinking’‘.

We always complain that, our SRC is not effective, but ask yourselves who vote them into power. “Garbage in Garbage out”

Whatever you sow, you will surely reap, if we sow incompetent people, we have NO right asking for effectiveness.

How can we fight Administration on pressing issues if we continue to vote like “headless fowl” with no direction?

We don’t need a popular leader but an Effective Leader with the requisite Leadership skill who can negotiate well on our behalf.

It is time we wake up from our slumber and vote like students, who have acquired some knowledge.

These aspirants are our friends, colleagues, boyfriends, girlfriends etc, we know their competencies, “let us not be like the fool who will send someone to fetch him water with basket and later complain that, the barrels aren’t full”

Let us not be Educated Illiterate Electorates

There’s a proverb in Twi, that goes like y3n nso ma anamon tenten na y3 soma ɔba nyansafo literally means. We don’t send someone with long legs, rather we send a wise person

Thank You

God bless Ghana
God bless KTU
God bless  SRC
God bless us all.

Efo Qweku Apedzego
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