Ultramodern KTUSRC Business Centre – Reopened


The SRC business centre which was built together with the Cafeteria to provide affordable desktop publishing needs to students has since been left in a deplorable state over the years.

The coming into office of the 2018/2019 Leadership lead by H.E Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu saw a revamping of the business centre into an ultramodern state of the art facility.

The facility is reequipped with; four i3 desktop computers, three industrial photocopiers, printers, scanners etc.

The centre is AC powered, and a standby generator for uninterrupted power supply

The business centre can now boast of its readiness to meet the demanding print needs of KTU Community (students/staff) and the general public right in the heart of KTU campus

Students can now type and print, do photocopies, combining, project work hard cover printing etc.

This amount other projects have seen a facelift on campus; like the lover’s benches, SRC Secretariat,

Through the interventions of this SRC, New chairs have been bought for classrooms, more pending to be supplied, marker boards have been charged at Applied Science (AS), the school field polls nets changed, Basketball Fibreglass Board lighting on the school field

The current SRC can best be described as a socialist governed (Students Needs base), we have seen the projects mentioned above are more students need base, making lives comfortable.

We have also witnessed interventions this SRC commitments in both first and second semester making sure every student gets the opportunity to register

Ayeeee Kooo

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  1. I am very proud to see this happen. Some of us, when we criticize, we should not be treated as naysayers. All we want is the improvement of the student front. If things like this are done, there would not be any need for student activism.

    But please set up rules to guard this progress from short sighted students who would not care to use their greed to ravage everything back to the ground. Just as how you were able to revamp the facility I trust you can protect it as well.

    Long live KTUSRC


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