Don’t Give Yourself To Some Dirty Old Man For An iphone-Chief Justice


The Chief Justice of Ghana, Sophia Abena Boafoa Akuffo has advised young ladies to desist from having sexual intercourse with’dirty’ old men for iPhones.

According to the Chief Justice, a phone is not worthy enough for a young lady to throw away her virtue.

The Chief Justice also stated that a phone is a tool that every lady can afford if only they are patient.

She further advised young ladies to be patient in life and not allow these dirty old men to take advantage of them just because of a phone.

“Girls, don’t give yourself to some dirty old man for an iPhone or for any type of phone. It is a tool, that’s all, one day you’ll own [one]. You’ll be able to buy one if you are patient and you do not throw away your virtue”, the Chief Justice added.

Her Ladyship Justice Sophia Akuffo advised the youth to use the internet for useful things that can improve their lives rather than copying fake lifestyles on social media.

She also further urged then to nurture virtues like hard work, honesty, respect, integrity and discipline to aid stability and nation-building.


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