#KTUElections19: KTU EC To Increase Prices Of SRC Nomination Forms


This year’s KTU SRC election is fast approaching and all are poised to change the leadership of the student body in the coming days.

On the wake of developments with respect to the current measures put in place to see a successful election take place, a source closer to KTUinsider has revealed the price range of nomination forms for aspirants.

This year’s election has seen an increase in number of aspirants vying for various portfolios here in KTU. We can count, 5 presidential aspirants, 5 GNUTS aspirants, 4 aspiring for the PRO position, 3 Health and Welfare aspirants, 3 Organizers and others.

Last year, we saw a the presidential nomination forms sold for Ghc 500, with the forms for other portfolios being Ghc 300.

Well, this year, the EC in charge of the election is set to sell the presidential nomination forms at a price of Ghc 550 with other positions selling at Ghc 350.

However, we believe that this amount won’t discourage the aspirants. Most aspirants are ever ready to throw cash into the league and get things ready for the game should this be confirmed.

Nominations for various portfolios will be opened today according our source, kindly visit KTUinsider for more news.


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