REVEALED – KTU Student Lady Undergoing Deliverance After Considered Mad By Pastors


It will surprise you to know the number of responses we got after we posted the issue of Lesbianism on Campus. We have received several comments from students confirming their ordeal, and encounter with these lesbians.

For security reasons we will not reveal the identity of this lady who confessed to KTUinsider, we will just call her Ama.

She commented on our status on WhatsApp on the lesbian’s post, this is what Ama had to say;

Ama: Very true  

KTUinsider: Are you a victim of it? 

Ama: No. But I’ve heard of a girl who I know very well. Who comes to sleep beside her female friends and pretends to sleep, only to start touching you all over, fingering you and sucking your breasts. As for her, she doesn’t give any money but she’s just luring people into it. She has a boyfriend but not in this school so she entertains herself with other females 

KTUinsider: Wow, what do you think we should do to resolve all this on our campus 

Ama: Hmmm. I don’t think anything can be done about it cos. If their names are out, it’s a disgrace and some can commit suicide the soft ones. And I’m sure they started this for long they were only waiting on the right moment. And the girls of today like money too much so anything that brings money, their after it. Forgetting that it’s a great sin in God’s eye 

KTUinsider: But since it’s a sin in God’s eye we should stop it before our school gets recognized for that, this article was to send warning, we will name and shame students very soon

During our conversation on the lesbianism issue, she feather reveal that a friend of hers is currently undergoing deliverance at a church premise – name withheld. 

Ama: But insider there is something I need to share with you so you share on your platform to advice the girls

I had a friend on campus. She was my first friend I made in this school. We were seen everywhere together. But I realized that the chilling was too much so I told her and we decided to stop. But she didn’t rather she told her family bad things about me (I got to know her family cos I was dating her brother). She later found another friend in her class and so did I, so she normally sleeps at her friend’s hostel. We stopped talking cos I expected her to apologize for what she did.

I was always called by people on campus saying they’ve seen my friend around (in bars with different guys) so I asked then to mind their business. I know my friend likes money too much so I used to give her money so she wouldn’t go to guys for money. I took her like my sister. But there were actions I couldn’t forgive. Earlier this semester, I was called by her brother telling me that my friend has gone mad

According to Ama, they’ve sent her to many pastors but they’re all saying it’s fraud boys who did that to her. She followed fraud boys for money.

The most painful part of this is that friend of hers who goes everywhere with her is walking freely on campus and nothing concerns her. She knows about her friend’s madness but she’s still messing around

I wish you’ll advice all the girls on campus to be very careful. The Koforidua fraudsters are using our girls for money rituals

I’m sure it was a gradual process that’s why they don’t know who did that to her

KTUinsider: You see why we should name and shame. People are doing allot of things because it’s private but they should know that people know about it, If we don’t shame they won’t stop, We have advice students on Soo many occasions

Ama: Students don’t listen they think University is just this. They forget people will remember their deeds and refer them when they’re in high positions or searching for a job

KTUinsider: That is why we should name and shame

Ama: I can’t. I just want you to use to advice the girls. Cos I really cried when I heard it and I’m praying she gets her senses back. Just use a different way to advice the girls. I wouldn’t want her brother to know I brought this out. But I care about others too

KTUinsider: If a lady knows she can’t stand the frustration they will stay away from it, if you advised her and she didn’t listen what makes you think if insider advice ladies the same way you did they will listen

Ama: Hmmm. Well you’re right tho. So should we leave them to go astray?

KTUinsider: Send us evidence, Reliable information so we will name and shame, I can post and ask her friend who is on campus now that, how is the lady doing, At least it will drag her attention to something

Ama: I can’t send her name. I always call her bro. He said they’re still going to Churches

KTUinsider: We should have a nice way of dealing with issues because it’s heart-breaking

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  1. Hmm… Asem oo, this lesbianism issues has to be rooted off with all cause, else in no time it will paint the university black to the nation. I remember not long ago, we heard KTU student were involved in this devils act (lesbianism) during the sport program. Probably the leaders are thing they can cover everything up in secrete, but trust me before they realize people will discourage application for admission in the school. If it is that this people has to be posted on the platform for good course, then it has to be than. LET FIGHT TO THE ROOT OF THIS SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR OF OUR STUDENT TO SAVE OUR SCHOOL.

    • Hi, the story of Ama is touching. And I am scared for our ladies on campus.

      You guys are doing well. But you cannot “name and shame” anyone. If you have confirmed stories, refer them to the Dean of Students or HODs.

      Someone may sue you guys for defamation for naming him or her on this network, when you guys cannot prove your publication.

      This a friendly advice.

      Thank you.

  2. I think if everybody dey mind ein business, (insider, ama nd everybody else). Ktu would be a better place. We cant name nd shame anybody. Come to think of it, we all sin differently. Let everybody manage his or her life in the best way he or she can. Naming nd shaming, to me is very very unimportant.

  3. Eeeiiii Africa

    So are u pple trying to say lesbianism steals money from our schools account?
    Does it pollute the environment?
    Does is stop other students from learning?
    Does is support corruption? ??

    We should rather concentrate on issues that will bring improvements in our school and country not people’s sexual life

    Am so ashamed some prominent people in the school are worried about this issue

  4. Those talking of improvements in school, Do you guys think that with this devilish and demonic act things will be well in the School? They have to call their parents for meeting with those students and dismiss them in the presence of their parents straight off. Some students were dismissed for examination failure and so on, so why can’t they dismiss students who are doing this devilish act

  5. Hmnnnnnn naming and shaming wont help please but rather i think they need much more counselling because indulging in such acts is considered as having a mental disorder. Because you know what you are doing is not right and pleasing to God which means their eyes are not opened.


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