MAILS – Lesbianism Hits Campus

Lesbianism Hits Campus
Lesbianism Hits Campus

Just so you know, there’s a new act on campus that is taking over, yes! Abolished by God at Sodom and Gomorrah, but now outdoored here on campus as the new religion/trend – LESBOBO.

KTU insider’s finding reveals that there is a wide spread of Lesbianism that has taken over the life of females on campus.

Your girlfriend might give you shegge reasons to believe she is no longer interested in the relationship she has with you, yes, it has happened to couple of guys on campus and it will interest you to know that the drive behind the breakups are these lesbians who have penetrated our campus with this barbaric act.

Names of some students who are involved in the act have popped up in these rumors, but as we are yet to confirm, we’d hold on to the names for now.

However, an insider tells KTUinsider that these girls(lesbians) are powerful and winning girls on campus over with their cash.

We entreat all our girls to be careful of such individuals and groups on campus, because your lives matter to the society and Ghana at large.

KTUinsider will follow the allegations keenly, delve more into the speculations and keep our readers posted.

Visit our pages for more, don’t hesitate to hit us up if you have more info on the subject matter.



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