Mother KTU SRC WEEPS; KTU SRC, The Fat Milking Cow – Efo Qweku Apedzego writes

Concerned Student, Apedzego Emmanuel (AHASS EC)
Concerned Student, Apedzego Emmanuel (AHASS EC)

In the year 1884, a student Union know as Students Representative Council was founded. The core mandate was to fight for the interest of students and it gained statutory recognition in the Universities (Scotland) Act 1889. It has responsibility for representation on teaching and learning, welfare, academic services, postgraduate affairs and external affairs.

I must congratulate the General Assembly , the Judicial Committee, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee and all activists on campus for helping to sanitize the gross mismanagement and funds embezzlement in our SRC governance. It is never easy to take a tough decision on people you are close with as friends but we must at all times uphold and defend SRC’s constitution.

Before I delve much into my writeup, I will like to use this opportunity to thank those executives impeached or committees suspended or dissolved for coming on board to serve us. We thank you for your willingness to come on board. Though some have regretted their actions and if the clock will rewind, I definitely know, you would never allow yourself to be in this mess but it’s rather unfortunate that, it had already happened, just embrace it and move on. My little advice will be , if God permit and you are called on to serve in an office, surround yourself with good , counselors always seek the interest of your people first and never allow yourself to be used or lured into such a disgraceful situation. All the same, thank you for your service.

Has the purpose of the establishment of SRC been achieved ?

Hmmm, It always suddens my heart, to see our youths in governance been selfish, greedy and money hunters. The core mandate for the establishment of SRC was for the betterment of students but not to enrich the lives of certain few individuals.

Over the years, Koforidua Technical University SRC, has been a fat milking cow for some greedy insensitive (and) corrupt youthful leaders. Everybody is using this avenue to enrich themselves all in the name of youth leadership.

A certain past President in KTU, planted kontomire and leaves under trees for an amount alleged to be Gh¢30000 and nobody , I mean nobody was bold enough to questioned him.

During one of the discussions on campus Agenda on KTU radio, it came up that, one of the past president deposited Gh¢7000 in relation to SRC hostel project and till now, no one knows the whereabouts of the money! Hmmm is it not very sad?

Also, During Kamasah’ era, the president solely procured a LED screen of which the General Assembly had not agreed on it. He BLOATED the figures to over Gh¢8000, and procured it solely and till now, we are yet to question him.

Lastly, the current happenings within this administration, which had caused some executives to be impeached and others suspended and so on. Everybody wants to milk SRC.

If I’m to mention the embezzlement in our SRC, you will be shocked to the bone marrow.

My question is, did we created this organization to just come and milk us?

Certainly, HELL NO, so why?

What’s the usefulness of this organization?

As students, we have more pressing issues that SRC should tackle but will rather organize numerous entertainment programs that will depreciate almost half of our dues.

What sense does it make for an organization crying for funds to build a hostel will spend Gh¢15,000 on a four hours program “stage”, please , are we really serious as youths in governance?

  1. We lack a very modernized SRC bus
  2. Lecturers are not going to class, and we have academic board but we can’t feel their purpose.
  3. Our benches at the summer huts are in deplorable states, though some works have been done on them.
  4. Our internet facility is a problematic.
  5. Wehave needy students who need SRC’s help but we spent all this money on “meaningless things”.

If we are to pay SRC dues individually and directly to SRC, hehehe, NO ONE WILL EVEN PAY. Because SRC has never acted in the interest of the students. I’m not referring to this current administration only but also to the previous administrations.

There’s no tangible physical things to pinpoint as SRC’s achievement.

What even pushed me to write this was the current happenings after the impeachment of some of the executives.

Is been five days since general assembly impeached some executives and suspended some groups, but the sad thing is the clerk says, we the students body they are serving have no business in knowing what transpired at GA.

Is this not funny?

On February 18, when a student asked the clerk on what transpired at GA and why they have not communicated any information to the students body, this was his response

Feb 18, 2019

11:16 am

Campus Discussion WhatsApp group

“Where is it written in the constitution that GA have to brief the student populace and why are u insisting, knowing very well that it goes through a process? What is ur interest? Pls allow the leadership of the house to work cos we also know our duty n why we there. Thank you.”

By the SRC Speaker

These are the people we have entrusted our students lives into. The people you met when climbing up on a ladder, they are the same people you will meet when descending.

Robin S. Sharma once said;

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.

Mr President and the Chief Justice.

Why preventing the students to get access to 2017/2018 auditing report.?

Who are you shielding?

Who are you protecting?

His Lordship Chief Justice, you have exhibited a true anti corruption leadership.

So why haven’t you been able to publish 2017/2018 auditing report?

SRC’s constitution, Chapter Nine (9), article 20, B(i&ii) mandates SRC to publish its annual auditing report to the entire students populace.

A duty run away from today lies before you another day.

I will end with this quote from Nelson Mandela;

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest

Thank you



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