Help a friend register with the hashtag #KTUSemster2 is a campaign KTUinsider has decided to run for the extended period of registration.

It is often saddening when registration is closed and some students still haven’t registered, an RPK to this was last semester when registration was reopened multiple times yet some students were unable to register. I looked at the frustration in these students and emotional stress it cost them and won’t want it to repeat this semester.

Help a friend register, what we all need to do

  1. Ask a friend if he or she has registered
  2. Open your SIP account and show it to a friend to confirm if you have actually confirmed your registration
  3. Compare your courses registered to about five (5) classmates to see if they have same courses
  4. Take a friend to the Administration to reset password if forgetting
  5. Loan a friend school fees to pay
  6. Teach a friend how to access the SIP regularly
  7. Save or let a friend save their passwords on a book or Mobile phone
  8. Show a friend (KTUinsider) where to get information on campus and even at home
  9. Ask a friend to go for student loan or financial aid, if they must just to pay fees
  10. Keep a friend password and index and always make use you register them even before they know

Every semester, you need to register new courses to continue being a student, it is the registration that makes you a student.

Some of you after paying fees feels that is the registration, No you need to log into your Student Information Portal (SIP) and register for all courses assigned to you.

For the very last time registration has been reopened from 19th February to 9th March, 2019, help a friend register

This will be the last chance students will get

Thank you.