DETAILS – KTU General Assembly Impeaches Finance Officer & Male Organizer For Embezzling Funds


Last friday, the General Assembly which is the decision/legislative body of the Student Representative Council at an emergency meeting impeached some executive officers who allegedly embezzled funds.

It is reported that two-third of the entire accredited general assembly members were present as the constitution of the SRC demands to make this drastic decision.

According to the reports, some offices, thus, the finance officer, and organizer have been impeached, where as, the sports committee has been dissolved, not forgetting the editorial committee which has been suspended for a period of 1 month.

This came after the findings of the judicial committee through official sittings with the aforementioned offices, which was after the Monitoring and evaluation report was released.

After the sitting, it was reported by the Judicial Committee that the finance officer, Mr Joseph Akaadom could not account for over Ghc 5,000, which they believe is in his custody. It was also stated that he allegedly forged receipts – which is a crime – to use as evidence in his defense during the hearing/sitting.

In view of this, the general assembly at it emergency meeting for the year 2019, impeached the finance officer, Mr Joseph Akaadom.

On the case of the organizer, Mr Samuel Okyere, also known as Kojo Lamar, it was reported that he provided only 8 receipts out of 27 receipts, also, out of the 8 receipts presented, only two were official receipts with the other six being undertaken. Well, to our surprise, the findings of the SRC Judicial committee revealed that Mr Okyere, aka Kojo Lamar, allegedly couldn’t account for over Ghc 9,000.

This called for an immediate action to be taken by the house, hence the impeachment of the officer and his committee, which the house didn’t hesitate to do so.

However, the sports committee was dissolved on the note that the sports officer, Mr Alfred Offin, also known as Indomie, allegedly couldn’t account for Ghc 4,026, due to negligence.

The editorial committee has been suspended for a month for failing to involve the procurement officer in it dealings.

It doesn’t end there, we also gather that the impeached officers, Mr Joseph Akaadom and Kojo Lamar have been given up to 31st March to refund all embezzled funds.

We will keep you informed on when and how the by-election is going to take place. Visit for more updates on SRC Nsem Nsem.

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  1. Comment:It is a shame this are the same people who are going to be our leaders and engaged themselves in corruption. Oh poor nation Ghana

  2. The question I keep asking me is that…….. have this people forget that, what ever thing u do on this earth……. U will surely account for it………. Hmmm mmmm, so why can’t they think about serving but rather the money aspect…..


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