Can Our G.A & Judicial Committee Bring Sanity & Clear The Mess In The SRC?

Concerned Student, Apedzego Emmanuel (AHASS EC)
Concerned Student, Apedzego Emmanuel (AHASS EC)

Not long ago did we report on the report filed by the monitoring and evaluation committee on the 2018/2019 SRC Akwaaba week celebration.

The 36 page document revealed loops in budgeted amounts which some officials of the SRC after expenditure couldn’t account for. This has drawn the attention of many to the chain of events of the SRC executive committee.

In concern is Emmanuel Apedzego, the EC chairman for the faculty of Allied Health and Sciences(AHASS) here in Koforidua Technical University, who has issued a statement calling and questioning the efficiency of the general assembly and the judiciary committee to ensure that justice prevails.

According to the Mr Emmanuel Apedzego, he is very disappointed at the conduct of some SRC executives who have expressed gross incompetence. Mr Emmanuel also congratulated the M&E committee for the kind of work he has done.

He concluded by charging the judicial committee and the general assembly to do the needful.


Oath of office

SRC constitution, pg.54

I…… Having been elected/ appointed to the high office of …….. For the year….. Do solemnly pledge that, I will faithfully executive my duties as an officer and will to the best of my ability, uphold and defend the constitution of the SRC without fear or favor, I pledge myself to be loyal to the students Body of Koforidua Technical University as I hold their power.I pledge that, in the event of my failure to perform my duties and defend the constitution of SRC, I shall be held as due. So help me God.

For the first time, we have had a committee that have worked effectively in the interest of the entire students and we must commend them for such a great work. Aye Koo to Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.

As a student who believed in youthful leadership, I’m very disappointed, ashamed and shocked to the bone marrow concerning the gross displayed of incompetence, greediness and selfishness on the part of some of our SRC executives in the findings of M&E Committee Report on last semester SRC AKWAABA WEEK CELEBRATION .

According to Chairman Issah Money, ” most of the executives who are in the helm of affairs are there for their personal gains but not in the betterment of students life rather for their selfish gains ” Indeed, Chairman Issah Money, an honourable member of General Assembly has been exonerated. I must confess that the purpose and the core aim for the establishment of SRC had be defeated and we all must bow our heads in shame. This day is a shameful day for youthful governance.
Before I proceed there’s a notion on campus that, SRC is just a “chop chop” organization, it seems it is so.
Our General Assembly Heads and the Judicial Committee have been under serious criticism for under performing and also working to pleased those who appointed them but not in the interest of the students they are serving. Hmmm, but I have a different opinion in that view and I believed these current Leadership of GA and the Judicial Committee will definitely bring sanity to our SRC and help to change that perception.

To our honourable members of the General Assembly, it’s perceived that all you does is YEAH-YEAH and NO-NO , is time to tell the entire students how authoritative you are in decision making and how responsible you noble men are. We the students body are closely monitoring everything, your integrity is on test. We know you are not going to disappoint us. Remember that, whatever you do today, will follow you.
Mr President, is either you shade or protect your executives, for you to be seen us the most incompetent, corrupt and a man with no dignity and integrity or you allow proceedings to go on smoothly and allow those implicated in these saga to be sanctioned in accordance to SRC’s constitution for the entire students to have that believed that indeed , they stood in the hot sunny hours to vote for a responsible God fearing leader. The few interactions I have had with you, Mr President, I know you are a man of integrity hence I will be surprised to hear that, you have compromised proceedings. Mr. President , the days ahead will be very tough and you have to tighten your belt. There’s a saying in twi that goes like, opanin a )tena fie ma nkwadaa hwe nanka no, y3 bu nanka hwefo a, )ka ho bi, literally means, an elderly person who stay at home unconcerned while children eat snake, when we are talking about snakes eaters, he is also part..

I’m also calling on the entire students populace to relax and wait patiently on the findings from the Judicial Committee and the ruling from the General Assembly, then we can point hands on certain individuals, until then, let’s be circumspect with our discussions. We have the right to ask certain questions but we should remember, our rights also have limitations.

Finally, I will like to bring to the attention of the Judicial Committee, Heads of the General Assembly, Members of General Assembly and SRC as a whole , that we the students have been closely monitoring everything from the chronology of proceedings to where we are now, whatever you do, either in a good cause or not, we will have our own judgement that will help re-positioned the degrading image of SRC in the students front and administration or push the dying image of SRC to it’s grave forever.

Leadership is never an avenue to be self-serving but, a platform to render great service to people and It is the duty of we the youths to war against indiscipline and corruption because we are the leaders of tomorrow
A word to the wise is enough.
A good name is better than riches
To my SRC Executives and Appointees, finishing is not the matter but finishing right is the matter.

Thank you.


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