This Is Why Every Student Must Value ‘OSIS Sip’

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Relevance of the SIP

In a blue moon, most of us visit the Student Information Portal when we want to register our courses or check our results – either get heart broken or end up smiling.

Guess what, these two reasons stated above really matters to you, but it is also advisable that you value the OSIS and all that it is meant for that everything else in your student life -yes, believe it or not, the OSIS is as important as your facebook, or any other social media account of yours.

Till date it will surprise you to know that only a handful of students know about the  importance or relevance of the SIP. Surprisingly, most continuing students are faced with problem of forgetting their passwords, and others the url to the portal(

Hello, it is important to keep your log in details (password and index number) safe to avoid facing challenges when the need arises for you to either register, check your results, request a document, evaluate your courses/lecturers and check your personal account. 

Student Information Portal (SIP) enables students access their bio-data, personal Account (fees), Examination Results, Academic Course Registration, and Lecturers Appraisal/Evaluation. Every year, staff from the ICT Directorate takes fresh students through this system to help them appreciate the importance of the SIP during their orientation.

  1. PERSONAL INFORMATION:This is a feature of the SIP that allows you to gain access and view the details the institution has on you.
    Personal Information
    Personal Information



    This feature allows you to view all payments made into the school’s account on your behalf. You can check your credits and debits here.

    Personal Account
    Personal Account


    Another important feature that allows you to evaluate your lecturer. This is done at the end of every semester, i bet you didn’t know huh? Well now you know. This is an important step and must be done before the examination week. Its advisable that you evaluate your lecturer during the revision week.

    Lecturer Evaluation
    Lecturer Evaluation


    This feature allows a student to view history of provisional result. A student can print a copy of this result for reference sake when the need arises since this window has the print feature. Mind you, this feature has broken lots of hearts – lol.

    Published Results
    Published Results


    The most important of all is the course registration feature, take note that if you fail to register your courses for a semester, you are not a student of KTU. This feature allows you to register all your courses. You can also print a copy of the registration script for reference sake.

    Course Registration
    Course Registration

    For the above reasons mentioned, it is important that you keep your passwords safe.

    As recommended earlier in one of our articles, we said;The emerging trends in technology has offered users variety of tools that can help keep information like notes, text, lists, images, reminders and audio. In order not forget information (ie. SIP login Credentials and other important password and stuffs) I recommend Google Keep.

    Google Keep is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. With Google Keep you can save all your passwords, bank account numbers, index number, pin codes and any short notes, have access to your data saved even if you lose your phone. You can access it on the web or re-sign in with the same email address on a new phone and you will have all your data back.


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