What You Should Know Concerning Your Semester Registration – Must Read


Every semester, you need to register new courses to continue being a student, it is the registration that makes you a student.

Some of you after paying fees feels that is the registration, No you need to log into your Student Information Portal (SIP) and register for all courses assigned to you.


  • Go to sip.ktu.edu.gh
  • Enter their full index numbers as a username
  • Enter their password and
  • Click on the “Course Registration Tab


  • Go to sip.ktu.edu.gh
  • Enter their full index numbers as a username
  • Enter the default password; sip4kdpoly (All should be in small caps/letters)
  • Change the default password after logging into the system for the first time
  • Re-enter your index number and new password
  • Click on the “course registration tab”


  • Students are required to Register for the required courses for the Semester by adding the correct courses for the Second Semester (please check and be sure of the courses before registering)
  • Confirm your registration after adding the correct courses
  • Print a copy of your registration confirmation page. (NB: Remember to confirm your courses before printing)
  • Logout from the system after registration
  • Keep a copy as proof of Registration (No Photocopy)

Resolving challenges

If you have any issues during registration be it unable to log in, account hold, courses not listed for registration etc

  • Unable to log in – go to receptionist administration
  • Account hold – Student account administration
  • Courses not listed/More/less – ICT or your HOD

Some too, because of financial challenges, you end the semester without registration, that means that you haven’t registered for any course in the system, even if you write examination, your marks can’t be entered until you register.

Please take the registration process serious and don’t leave it to chance, this is the last semester for 2018/19, all fees must be paid before your can register

This is your life, your future, don’t play with it, make the move to helping yourself and others will help you.

You can take advantage of the Financial Aid, SRC Aid, Students loan, and other scholarships around

Thank you



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