Efo Qweku Apedzego writes; Know The Type Of Seed You Are Before You Compare Yourself To Others

Apedzego Emmanuel
Apedzego Emmanuel

Success is like a seed; it need good environmental factors to help influence on its germination.

A seed is a fertilized ovule containing the plant embryo. Given the appropriate growth conditions, it will become the new plant.

some of us are the Lucky type of seed that found itself right at the river banks, hence don’t need any struggles to make it in life. Family is already established, all you need is to be alive and enjoy life. And with your little efforts, you can achieve all your heart desires because the way has already been paved.

Some of us also weren’t so lucky or fortunate enough, that our seed is just few meters away the river, we need the help of a wind to blow us to the river banks or a flood to carry us to river banks for us to be able to germinate. The wind and floods are signs of little struggles. These are the people from a family that, you need to fight your way out little, before you can succeed. The family isn’t financially stable but a manageable type hence as an individual, you need to push through as an individual to make the family proud.

Finally, these type of seeds are the type that, when they are able to find themselves at the river banks, their germination and growth, becomes a story and a reference for people. These are the type of seeds that find themselves far away from the river, sometimes in a valley, mountainous areas, or deserts. Financially, they have nothing to hold on, for family, they have no one to speak to. These people have to thrive for success, they pass through all manners of struggles. The strength and nature of their seed, is the special type, with hard work and determination, your seed will surely find it way at the river banks.

Know the type of seed you are before you start comparing yourself to your friends and blaming your family. Just take up responsibilities and change the direction of your boat. You are the driver now, use the right path and accelerate your speed in accordance with the type of boat you are in.

When born poor isn’t your fault but dying as a poor man is your fault

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