KTU Students Excited for SRC Awards 2019 – Opinion Polls


We put up an opinion polls on our twitter handle asking, which of these events will you not want to miss? Second Semester 2018/19


  1. SRC Health Walk
  2. Miss Obaapa
  3. SRC/GNUTS Week Celebration
  4. SRC Awards Night

Note: this are only SRC events for the second semester

We had a total of 52 votes as final results, this figure is not even up to one full class size and not a fraction of the total student population of about 7,000.

We had 10% interested in Miss Obaap, 15% interested in the SRC Health Walk, 21% SRC/GNUTS Week celebration and 54% interested SRC Awards Night.

Note: This can’t be interpreted to be interest of the students

However, it is an opinion polls and the results can be used for the purpose of this research,

The SRC Health Walk and Aerobics

This will be the 3rd edition if organised, it is usually organised at the beginning of the semester to get students quick start the semester with stress free, get acquainted with one another especially if it is the first semester were fresh men and women report on campus for the first time, it also helps Maintain a healthy weight, Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Students meet at the ceremonial ground on campus and walk through the principal streets of Koforidua accompanied by music, they return back to campus for aerobics and health screening.

Miss Obaapa

This is an annual event organised by SRC, where first and second years’ female students exhibit their talents and beauty. It is a beauty pageant.

SRC/GNUTS Week Celebration

It is a week-long event with activities like Seminars, Games, Cooking Competition, Inter-Hostel Jama Competition, Health Screening, KTU Strongest, Clean Up Exercise, Miss KTU Etc. it is the most budgeted SRC event.

SRC Awards Night

It is an annual award scheme that recognises and celebrates deserving students and corporate organisations for their contributions to the SRC, students of the university and the country as a whole. The award is powered by Lumen Entertainment.

If organised, it will be the 4th edition of its kind

Students excitement

The high Students interest shown on our polls is a clear manifestation of high professionalism skills and high standards the event organisers have put in to making the show been Nominated in The Category of Best Emerging Event and Best Regional Event for The 2nd Edition of The Ghana Event Awards 2018.

However, last year’s event had its own challenges am sure SRC is addressing and would come out soon.

In the mist of these challenges will be the awards plaques which awardee haven’t received as at now, is a big worry to SRC and students them self

The second semester full of activities

Quoting the SRC President on his welcome back to school message; “We students, are being reminded that the semester is short and packed…”

Never forget the reason you are here, you’ve got all the freedom, time and choices to make, please don’t forget your books.

Success brings joy

Welcome back you all to school

Thank you

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