We Live In A World That Is Built On Promises Constructed By Liars


I called a married lady who was owing me money, but she didn’t pick my calls.

I called 10 times more, still no answer. Knowing that her husband was not at home, I decided to send her this message:

“Hello Sisy, I’m not calling for the money. I just wanted to tell you that 2 girls were fighting over your husband in town today. It was a big fight and he was just there watching, until one of the girl managed to escape into his car and they drove off”.

After some minutes, she called me but I ignored her. She kept calling and I found 21 missed calls from her and a message which read:

“Where was the fight?
Where did they go?
Did you Notice those girls? Please tell me, I am falling apart.”

I just read and didn’t respond. She called again, 5 times and I didn’t answer, then another message from her:

“I have your money, please can we meet, so you tell me more?”

Then i replied, “Okay, you can Send it to my mobile money so that I can pass by the filling station to refuel, then I will pick you and drive you to one of the Girl’s House because I know them.”

After 2 mins, I checked my account balance, my money was fully paid.

I then switched off my phone and slept like a baby….. This January through the year, you need to be sharp 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂.

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