Why You Must Marry Young – Efo Qweku Apedzego Writes


I once asked a friend, “Bro when will you marry?” and his reply, ermh. It amused me, I was really surprised, He is engulfed with the perceived fear in getting married. He listed several items that he has to attained before he can decide of getting married.

These are some of the items he listed;
1. Build his dream home
2. Attained his Master’s degree
3. Buy a car
4. Have at least Gh¢5000 in his bank account
5. Have a good job with a lucrative salary etc

Generally, that’s how most of us think about marriage. Yeah, is never evil to attain all this before you plan of getting married, but ask yourself, are all these things attained in just a day or months, certainly NO.

But before I elaborate much on “why you must marry in your youthful age”, I will like to say, YOU CAN’T GET MARRIED WHEN YOU ARE JOBLESS. According to the book of Genesis, God created man and kept him in the Garden of Eden for years before bringing Eve. God, made sure, Adam had a substantial job before bringing Eve to him.

Now, why must you marry in your youthful stage
Marrying at the age of 25, 26 etc is never a Crime or Premature. In the days of our parents which is our references, one is able to attained his or her 1st degree from the ages of 28, 29, 30 etc , hence such a person has no option than to marry in his late 30s, but in our era, most of us acquires our first degree at the ages of 25 to 27 hence after school with a substantial job in your In your youthful age, you can marry and start life.

Also, is never bad to dream big but it takes time, discipline and dedication to accumulate such wealths, if you are thinking of building your dreams house before you get marry, then my brother, you are making the biggest mistake in your life.

Why can’t you build the dream home with your love?
Marriage , is an institution but not a business venture. That’s why we must always marry someone who understand us. Marriage, increase the “per capital income that comes to the house and decrease your unnecessary expenditure.”
No clubbing on weekends, less fast food (my friend Theodore, always says, when you are with a lovely lady, eating outside is even considered adultery) hence some amount of money is saved. With good savings , you can acquire a land, build just a single room or two rooms and move in, immediately you move from a rented apartment, you can now use your monthly rent payments to start your dream home, you will be surprised that, by 10 years in your marriage, you will have your dream home.

Who says, you can’t attain your Master’s Degree when you get marriage?

As youthful couples with ambition, you can plan your evening hours for learning, constant practice will make it a habitual character and it will become the norm of your home that even, when kids come into the marriage, they will join your ritual.
If you are lucky to marry a God fearing woman, your spiritual life will be awaken also. That’s why you must know who you marry.

The fundamental of marriage is UNDERSTANDING. Most marriages ain’t working these days, because, the man thinks he had everything before the lady came, therefore you have to be his “house girl” , my ladies, Is better to build a home with a man who has potentials now than to marry an “already made man”.
Marriage brings respect, sense of responsibility and the willingness to care for everyone.

Also ask yourself, 20 years in marriage with kids, will I still be working, if you did marry in your youthful stage, you will surely have to financial muscles to support your kids since you will still be working. But imagine been at age 57 to 60, and you are still paying school fees for university, shs and primary kids… Won’t it be stressful?

My brother, marriage is an institution that, you don’t need to be at the ages of 35 “going” before you can enroll into it, all you need is a good, understanding, God fearing woman and with God all will be well.

Also, my colleagues men, let’s not be ungrateful, most us are the reasons our ladies want already made men, because a lady can’t toil with you, through the thick and thin then, immediately things are going well, you start mingling with slay queens, the lord we worship will never forgive you. Respect those that stood with you in your dark days.

My brothers and sisters , let’s not kill ourselves with extravagant weddings, we are not in competition with anybody. Let me ask this question: Have you ever seen someone been awarded as the best wedding before?

Finally, our parents should also know that, they are not selling their daughters to us, is time our parents reduce the things they charge as bride price. How can you calculate a bride price estimated to be around Gh¢10000. Is never right.

As I conclude, my brother, take that bold step, establish a home now in your youthful age, you can still build that dream home while you are married, you can still attain higher levels in your academics, you can still buy tat car. Remember, marriage is about understanding.
Proverbs 18:22
New King James Version (NKJV)
He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
And obtains favor from the Lord

Thank you.



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