KTU SRC President’s Welcome Back To School Message To Students – 2018/19 Second Semester


Warmest greetings to us all wonderful students of Koforidua Technical University.
I believe that most of us are preparing in anticipation of returning back to campus as school resumes on the 2nd of February.

This is the Second semester of the 2018/2019 academic year as we already know, the first semester has been intriguing and challenging as well as interesting and transforming. As a University it is it’s duty that the core mandate of its establishment is achieved by providing exceptional service of knowledge impacting and practical acquisition for the job market and future of our nation. So it is the responsibility of we the students to ensure full utilisation of the resources made available for us, yes it true that there are much Challenge’s in terms of infrastructure, equipment and many others to touch on.

The school is doing it’s possible best to ensure that all things are put in place for the achievement of its purpose and comfort of its students.

We students, are being reminded that the semester is short and packed, so is the time or duration slated for registration, so therefore in other to prevent issues regarding registration defaults, we must register within the period that would be slated out for us.

Relying on informants or fellow colleagues for information can be sometimes misleading and misinterpreted, so therefore we must ensure that we exploit most of the mediums through which information are shared for our own consumption, like the Notice board, The school’s website, ktu.edu.gh, The SRC’s website, ktusrc.org KTUInsider, ktuinsider.com, And many others for relevant and accurate information.

The Students Representative Council is also standing by you at all times and is ready to serve, as well ensure peace, sanity and continuity of selfless students governance.

We wish you all safe journey from your homes back to campus and a blissful semester.

God bless as all.

Thank you.
Long live Ghana.
Long live Technical Universities
Long live Koforidua Tech. University
Long live SRC.


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