KTU’s Vice Chancellor Visits the Sports Team at Camp


The Vice Chancellor of Koforidua Technical University Professor (Mrs) Smile Dzisi Gavua this morning took time off her busy schedule and joined the KTU Sports Team for breakfast.

Speaking to the team, she said, she came to check how all the sports men and women are doing, and also to find out if the Sports Manager and his entourage are taking good care of them.

Prof. Smile told the team that, this year’s Ghana Technical University Sports Association (GHATUSA) games is very special to her becos she is the Chairperson for CORP and the GHATUSA President, the team therefore has a big responsibility to perform well, they can not afford to disgrace her.

Prof. Assured the team all cheques for the GHATUSA games have been signed and all provisions made. She added that if there is anything extra the team needs, they should inform her, this statement generated a big applause and a roar from the team. She however added this quote after her promise, “to whom much is given much is expected”.

The Vice Chancellor advised the team to take their training serious and listen to their coaches.

Finally Prof. Smile assured the team of her unflinching support together with management and staff of Koforidua Technical University.
Her final words were “go out there and make us proud we will be praying with you”.

The Vice Chancellor together with the Dean of Students, Sports Manager, coaches and the team had breakfast together.


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