KTU Elections: An Open Letter To The Electorate – Clement Asamoah Writes

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Clement Asamoah

One thing I remember from the inaugural speech of our sitting president is to be citizens and not spectators! In accordance, I, willingly pen this down to highlight a few things that will help change the attention of electorates and aid us all in choosing good leaders as we all are enthused to change the leadership style of this noble institution, this I write without fear or favor for what is good is good; and true is true.

At large, today’s politician has been tagged as a merchant of loot leaving a few to progress as accusing fingers are pointed at many as corrupt, spendthrifts, liars and retarders of growth in our academic society. Over the years, the cry of the student populace has been how to fight this canker, which we all have failed ourselves due to petty petty reasons – to be stated in other paragraphs.

This note is just a little piece on how we all should lookout for potential leaders, rally behind them in peace and choose them as the time draws nearer, hence, it is not a note of war but of truth.

Its of no doubt that majority of Ghanaians who’re currently occupying top ministerial positions and many other enviable positions in the country started their leadership dreams from student politics in the various tertiary institutions in the country – which I believe you know most. That’s the very grounds where they germinated and watered corruption, embezzlement, lies and deceit in their hearts! Fast forward, the students leadership front (SRC) has become more corrupt than the word corrupt! Starting from department and faculty elections, hostel elections, TESCON & TEIN elections and the worst of all happens to be the SRC and GNUTS elections. These are the grounds where lies and deceit are nurtured and gradually find their way into our parliament and other top ministerial positions. Therefore, if measures are to be put in place to minimize the rate at which our leaders are draining this country with social ills, the journey must start form the grassroots (student leadership of elections).

It’ll interest you to know that the campaign budget of some SRC aspirants in KTU is estimated to be not less than GH¢3000.00. So after winning the elections, what do we expect from such candidate? How can he/she deliver all the propaganda promises when h/she has not recouped all his/her campaign debt? Indeed, we are forever going to be in crisis! These days, student politicians go to the extreme of seeking sponsors and also form a team of communicators who’re committed to deceiving the electorates with perpetuated lies in order for their candidates to win the elections over the expense of their capabilities as a leader – something we all fall short of and has become a norm. Truly, there’s no way a person can win campus elections without having a strong financial backing. With this, good people who can stand in as a bridge between the students body and the school authorities have all been sidelined because student elections continue to be fraudulent!

To cure, its high time the demands from are aspirants churned down to what aspirants can do and what they have to offer. Feasible policies and one that will be in the best interest of the entire student body and not in the interest of a particular electorate/electoral body. We all stand for good and this good will come to us all if we change our mindset towards elections and how we perceive aspirants at large.

When we gear our attentions towards these, budgets won’t be bloated, promises won’t be promises, policies will be implemented, and good leaders will be born for this institution and mother Ghana at large. Let’s focus on changing our thoughts as electorates than changing the state of our pockets as we move forward.

This semester, look out for policies and who can implement what, not popularity. Look out for what will benefit all of us, and not what will benefit you as an individual. Look out for leaders and not eaters.

Thank you
Let’s make leadership great again.
God bless you.


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