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Just before we vacated for the first semester, I was going for my lunch break one day, and behind the hospitality department, where the lady sells ice water,

Some student boys sat there and were arguing, I overheard them saying no one came to KTU with a single grade and one of them said he had, and they said if you have a single grade why did you bring it to a Technical University? One added that, we those in the Polytechnics or Technical Universities are the rejected from the UG, KNUST, UPS, GIMPA and so on, the so called traditional universities.

I felt so bad listening to these Students, implying they are failures nothing good will come out of them. The human mind is such that, whatever toughs you feed it with, some output you would get (garbage in garbage out) in computing. You are never a failure make the best out of every situation, GOD has a purpose why he placed you here

“But wait a minute ooh”, does these grades really get you the job? Pays the bills, Put food on the table etc. or the choice of your school make you a first class student.

Let us face reality, what is the purpose of schooling? And acquiring knowledge, most of the knowledge we acquire is not in the classroom setting, the classroom is guide for you and not to determine what you will become.

The world’s most powerful people who made wealth are school dropouts and they have so much influence in the economy of a country

Set High Standards for Yourself

Don’t let the confine of KTU limit you to your learning, don’t just do the normal by going to class, coping notes, reading handouts and hoping to passing KTU exams.

See beyond KTU, you have a purpose greater than KTU, take that bold step learn new stuff on your own, add value to your life.

Your job interview might not come from what you learned in the classroom

This is the time you determine who you want to become.

May every day of the New Year be filled with success, happiness and prosperity.

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  1. That is a perfect one there, and I second it because, the world is moving from a rhetorical arena to a more practical and technical application. I had the chance to go to Ashesi University but something came up and I came here. My coming Here has made me to realise my potential in the field of business and that could not have been identified if I had studied Civil engineering in Ashesi.
    I can also say, the world is not a race and God has a perfect plan for everyone, so we should love and accept the little we have before God will open doors for us.. KTU is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am PROUD of it.

  2. Infact, I would have regretted a lot if i had gone to the so called traditional varsities… For the reason being that Ktu has helped me identify ma real self, my talents and i got wonderful lecturers here. I do have some friends in the various traditional varsities and i double bet you Mr. Insider, the way these friends complain about their studies, their lecturers and even how they wished they left their various schools. I myself hav realised the are so many opportunities in KTU and i follow suit. I wish to meeting you to tel you everything Mr. Insider. I *love* KTU 💯💯

  3. I second U my broda, I have testify dis during my first attarchment where I met two third yr MLS Dr (6 yrs Doctor in medical laboratory Science) students of UDS who can not take patients veinous sample nor prepare a thick film for malaria microscope. See i was shock, am in my first year but able to run 60% of the hospital test . When U ask dey said ” we only do booking 4 now”, but in technical University u are prepared from scratch. There I became bosu of the attarches, they have to make a photocopy of my laboratory Manuel 4 reference. For skills , competency n hardworking trust technical University n am proud of KTU

  4. Thank you, I really appreciate your word of exportation. In fact, I am seeing the future ahead and not the present condition.
    The Lord bless you….


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