Knowing Your “Why” During This Holiday


Holiday! Holiday! Holiday! Who does not want them? Holiday gives us a break from our routine and helps us to refresh ourselves and go back to school with renewed energy.

Holiday brings delight to students when it arrives. Holidays generally comes after numerous days of toil and work. So it is no wonder when students express joy when holiday arrives. All students eagerly wait for holiday.

Regardless of the shorter period for this holiday, one can decide to use his or her time judiciously in other to bridge to his or her goal attainment depending on his or her ‘’why’’.

School is not the only yardstick for job creation and success making. Even though it is assumed that as an individual completes tertiary he or she is someway somehow prepared for the job market. If this will come to bare, then the individual ought to know and identify his or her ‘’why’’.

“If your why do not make you cry then that is not your why” (Eric Thomas). Students should consider this holiday to be a discovery type in that students will identify why they exist as an individual not necessarily a student only. For the day an individual dies, a date is placed at the right side of his or her tomb and another date at the left side of his or tomb (1942-2018). Now what is that dash in between the date? That is you “why” .ie. Why we exist.

As apparently said, discovering this holiday vis a vis having a to do list thus catching up on all those things that you could not find time for during school, it could be exercising to reduce weight, reading of books relating to your goal attainment, learning how to drive car, re-shaping your talent. In summary doing things that you find challenging.

Just as sleep is necessary for our body similarly holiday are important for relaxation and change.

May this Christmas holiday cause a positive change in our lives so as we identify our “why”




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