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Dear Students

As has become a tradition, I write to share my reflections at the end of the semester and before many depart for the Christmas break. It is an honour to work with so many gifted editorial and dedicated SRC executives and to experience the passion and talents of students, alumni and friends. You are already aware; this semester has been an interesting and challenging one with significant triumphs for the KTU community, as well as moments of sadness and anxiety.

Though it all, I have been very proud of how the KTU community has come to accept and built the trust in us, making us the only relevant source of information on campus. This is the KTU I have come to love over these years and I have tremendous faith in as we continue to grow together.

We began the semester welcoming students of 2018/2019 academic year group, the Technical University Teaching Association of Ghana (TUTAG) strike, SRC Health Walk, Akwaaaba week celebration and a lot of events (Black on Black, Rep you Jersey, White on Jeans, the perfect eve, the block out etc), seminars, workshops and conferences.

As we enter the final days of this semester, we celebrate our successes and experiences that have deepened our knowledge of the world, expanded our horizons, and allowed us to make connections with others who have challenged our assumptions and often provided support as we wrestle with deep questions. As part of an intellectual community with a long-standing commitment to public service, we have considered what you learned in classrooms, workshops and laboratories on campus would change the world.

However, we also recognize that stress is an inevitable part of final exams and getting ready to leave for the Christmas break. Many of you have experience extra stress this year because of troubling events across the country, on university campus and the recent police brutality on the Universal Hall. The conversations have been enlightening and important, yet also difficult, raising issues that are challenging to discuss, even as they are vitally important. We will definitely continue these conversations, engaging respectfully with one another and listening with empathy as we strive to be the only relevant news blog and preferred sure of information to the students of KTU and beyond.

We believe we have come to a new age where we believe KTU Students do no longer have to walk to a noticeboard on campus before he/she can be informed. As Founder/CEO, I am committed to that vision and will continue to work each day, with each of you, toward its realization.

During these final days of the semester, I encourage you to reach out for help and support if you feel that stress or any other physical or emotional distress is interfering with your ability to do academic work or interact productively with others. Now is an especially important festive season to demonstrate that we are a caring community. We need to look out for one another and, if we see someone who is struggling, actively help that individual connect with the right people.

I wish you a successful conclusion of the semester and an enjoyable, restful break. For those who are in your final year, I hope you will stay engaged and in touch with your project supervisors. For second and first years, I advise you print out your Industrial Attachment letter online and submit them to respective organisations/companies you will wish to do attachment with before returning to campus in February. I look forward to continuing to consider with you the most important issues of our day, including how to better realize our commitment to diversity and community and to expand that commitment to other institutions through our blog.

As you leave campus, get all the information on our social media pages and WhatsApp line by saving 0240273100 as KTU insider and send update me to it

Burnard Sundiata
Founder/CEO KTUinsider


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