The Student’s Representative Council, KTU Condemns Barbaric Act By The Ghana Police Service


The Student’s Representative Council, Koforidua Technical University wish to express its dissatisfaction and condemns the barbaric act of the Ghana Police Service, Koforidua on its students which was carried out Friday dawn at the Universal Hostel. About 100 students were arrested

The Police acted barbaric in their arrest which is against their fundamental human rights of the students. The armed Police officers numbering about 60 stormed the hostel with guns and shocker devices, broke into rooms while learning and others sleeping, arrested like hardened criminals and matched them on foot almost naked from their hostel to the Police Headquarters on a 4km road.

The Armed officers heartlessly detained the students for no crime committed, the police service did not consult the management of the University and the Hall President before the arrest.

The students were emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically abused by the police officers. The police publicly embarrassed the students which has really affected their persona

The claims that students attacked police with stones are false. They should come clear

We the Students Representative Council write to express our displeasure in the inhumane act the police have put our students through on the faithful morning of 14th December 2018.

In fact, the treatment that our students were put through even criminals and prisoners are not treated like that,

We therefore demand that our students who were put throughsuch act must be compensated and the Government must ensure that our securityuse right and decent measures to solve issues rather than humiliating innocentpoor and helpless students.

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  1. What kind of country are we living in ???? If it was to be one cedi; police could have stretch their ostrich hands for it. Ghana police please know your Job

  2. The government should do something about this..
    This is nothing but assault and trampling upon the human rights of the students

  3. How can we trust those who are supposedly sworn to protect us. Most of them joined the police just to pay their bills. They don’t actually have the passion nor the ideal to be policemen


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