Celebrating Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu, KTU SRC President


“We believe we have come to a new age where we believe KTU Studentss do not longer have to walk to a noticeboard on campus before he/she can be informed, it is in this view KTUinsider was born (in April, 2017)”

“We need to tell our own stories, If you don’t tell your story, someone else will, that is y we are here, we will tell our story just as it is, we listen to students and let them express their views” KTUinsider’s Mission

Haven worked with the SRC since 2012 to date, we can understand the relief it bring to students if their issues are address.

On the 28th of September 2018, Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu, realized more than half of his student have not registered and he told himself, his Council and the entire student’s body that if the last student is not registered, the SRC have done NO WORK.

Since then, he has been on management and the university council and registration was extend on three different occasions. His last request to management pleading for student who have financial challenges and those on students loan and have not received their money to write letters of undertaken which will allow them to register was unprecedented.

Management haven considered so many considerations from SRC decided with the highest decision body (University Council) never to extend the 2018/2019 first semester registration since it affected the academic calendar timelines and needed to do proper planning for academic activities to continue.

We are celebrating Elorm because he was able to break through this decision of the highest governing body of the university and got his unregistered student pay fees and register. He has fulfilled his promise to the students with the highest level of honesty. That is why we at KTUinsider celebrate him today. Thank you Elorm for fighting a collective interest by pushing and getting a relief for students

Your council deserves some credit for standing with you to see your dream, we wish you take a break from SRC related activities and get some rest and prepare for the end of semester examination since your health is also our concern, the students need you back next semester for another insightful and bold step of leading the student front

“Ayeekoo” work is done.


  1. Yes; surely he deserves a celebration. He has fought a good fight and is really working as promised.

    I seek more blessings from the most high God upon his life.

    My three years on campus, I have not seen any SRC president who is committed to God after series of meeting attendant’s, still remembers he who place him where he is.

    Mr. Raphael, your commitment will take you far and God will complete this task with you!, you will never and ever be left behind.

  2. Elorm…….Ayeeko, God richly bless you and move you from grades to grace, may you never luck, goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life


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