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What would be your reaction/options if be it that a business idea that can be life changing is presented to you? Would you be among the few that takes the opportunity and make it a reality, or you would be among the masses that would ignore it with negative perceptions of what if this happens and what if that happens?

Have you ever thought about finding a way to earn part-time or full time to supplement your income? Do you keep your options open when it comes to earning income? Are you a Network Marketer that would want to build your team and stream of income from a reliable business?

Well if you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then I believe this business opportunity will be a fit for you. Let me not waste time beating around the bush and let’s get to the main deal but before then, let me give you a hint on all what this is about in order to have a great interest in it. This writeup concerns a business opportunity that brings all the means of making money in the 21st Century under one company called iML – international Markets Live.

What is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is a first-class Forex Education academy that teaches and exposes its customers to the skills and materials needed to trade currencies in the Worlds biggest Financial Market (i.e. Forex Market). The world of Forex is the biggest market in the world where over $5.3 trillion is traded averagely per a single day. This market is made up of Banks, Hedge-funds and few individuals that have the knowledge in trading in this market. The good news is, you can also participate in this market and get a share of the trillion of dollars that exchanges hands between brokers, banks and few individuals. This is where iML comes in to teach you how to trade in this market and make a fortune out of it. “Until you learn the required skill, you would probably be gambling and losing your money out there.”

You will be intrigued to know that Christopher Terry the Founder and CEO of iMarketsLive is a multiple 8 figure trader and has been trading and educating masses in the Forex, Futures, and Equity markets since 1994.  Chris who is termed one of the God in the Forex Market has been a Headline speaker at the major derivative conferences, has been mentioned in several books and written many magazine articles.  iMarketsLive was officially established on July 4th, 2013. Without getting out of context, I would simply conclude that the team behind iMarketsLive consist of great and top notches in the Forex Market that you can count on.

iMarketsLive Products and Services.

International Markets Live offers the following to its client.

  • IML Academy: That is step by step education on how to become a professional Forex trader. The school starts from Basic 1 to Advanced with over 60 videos to learn from expert traders.
  • IML TV: To increase your chances of success, we operate a live Tv sessions where students can follow master traders and see how they trade. The Tv session is over 120 hours per week and its always a live session. Finally, all live trading sessions are recorded for students to learn from in case they miss the live sessions (IML TV LIVE RECORDIN
  • The Harmonic Scanner: This is a robot that assist beginners to read the market. It scans the markets to provide you with all information needed to enter a trade and make profit. It is a privately-owned software of IML and it has a high accuracy confirmation of (98%)
  • The Web Analyzer: This is also a robot that scans the cryptocurrency markets. It is built and maintained by in-house programming team. It sends precise trade setups to users to help them maximized profit.
  • The Swing trades: This is weekly trading experience with the CEO Christopher Terry
  • The Swipe trades: You receive trade alerts on your smart phone and all you you do is to copy and paste. You don’t need any trading experience to succeed with swipe trade. It is meant to supplement your income without changing your day to day routine.

With all these skills and products available, you can earn $100+ in a day based on how well you learn from the study materials and apply the skills.

In a nutshell, iMarketsLive exposes you to all the means of making money in the 21st Century on your own. These are some of the aspect that iML helps you to earn from.

  • Forex Trading
  • Network Marketing
  • Binary Options
  • Crypto Mining (Buying hash rates or a part of their horse power and you just relax and earn.)


iMarketsLive went ahead to bundle their products/services with a Network Marketing compensation plan that allows its IBO’s (Independent Business Owner) to earn a generous income by simply sharing their services or the business idea with others and building a residual income by building a network of IBO’s and customers.

I’ve been a Network Marketer in a few companies and I have never come across one with the best network marketing system com-plan that pays off than iML. IML “business building” opportunity alone can transform your financial life in a short time and make you fabulously rich.

Network marketing is all about recommending people to get the best solution to whatever they want. So why not recommend the services you get from joining iML to your friends, family and everyone and transfer that zeal into a great fortune.

IML says that we are a school and we want people to patronage our services.  We can engage all forms of media platforms to get students to enroll into our academy as we pay this media houses or firms a very huge amount of money but no!!!!!!

We love our students, so we will rather engage them to invite people or recommend IML academy for others to join and learn to trade on the Forex market and we will pay anybody who is able to sign off people into our academy a very rewarding amount.

So how do they pay you for just recommending people to join?

For every personally enrolled, you will earn GH¢168 as fast start. This is your direct reward for bringing a person into the business.

When you are able to bring three people, you now qualify for the first level residual income…. Which is called P150 (platinum 150). GH¢720.  This means that as long as this three people are active in the academy, you will be paid GH¢720 every month. This is the beginning of your business building earnings.

The second level is to teach this three people to also do what you did to qualify to p150 then you will have a team member of 12people. As soon as your downlines grows to 12 people, they will increase your monthly residual income to GH¢3,000 which means you have qualified as a business builder level 2 in IML (P600).  The good thing is you only need to get the three people and you teach them or you help them to also get their three and then the cycle follows.

The rest of the com plan is tabled below

This is not all, there are other levels and a one-time payment or gift given to customers when they hit a certain rank. These includes sponsored trips to Dubai and other countries. Good for Network Marketers huh!!!


All you need to be part of this amazing opportunity is your willingness, commitment and readiness to obey simple instructions and principles of the business.

To be part of this academy, all you need to do is to make a onetime payment of $217 which is approximately GH₵1050 and a monthly membership fee.

If you are really don’t take advantage of this opportunity, then I don’t know what else you are waiting for. If we can pay thousands of cedis for first degree and earn at most GH¢1000 monthly and GH¢ 12000year and we are happy to do so then it shouldn’t be a problem to pay GH¢1100 to register into IML and earn this GH¢12000 in less than 3months.


Let me boost your interest and spirit with these Network Marketing quotes.

Robert Kiyosaki says, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” –Robert Kiyosaki

“It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges.” –Mike Davidson

Money is actually a seed and in order to multiply it, you have to plant it by investing it.

Why not seize this opportunity to join us now and turn your phone or device into an ATM machine? I personally can testify that the education I have gone through so far has helped simplified the Forex Market for me and thus I have learnt to leverage and manage my earnings. The Network Marketing has as well been my greatest source of income thus the reason why I’m doing all it takes to build a strong team. iML is keen in helping you to succeed at all cost. No time to waste, Join us now!!!

To fully understand this business, you can follow this link to watch the video presentation on both the Forex Trade and the Network Marketing aspect.

Feel free to contact me for financial help and guidelines in joining IML.

Name: Eminent Marfo

Contact: +233 0266100063 ; +233556729640

You can directly connect with me on WhatsApp through this link.’m%20messaging%20you%20concerning%20IML.

IML – Your phone your ATM

In IML, we say “everybody eats.


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