Notice To Event Organizers/Promoters/Companies


We wish to announce that, our relevance on campus over a year now can be consider satisfactory based on the statistics below.

We have built an overwarming growing fan base through our social media platforms, Facebook 7,498, Instagram 1,133 and Twitter 578

Our blog have an average weekly unique visitors of 5,000

We have 5,275 both past and current students on our WhatsApp broadcast Channel and a fast growing News Channel on Telegram.

We have become the only and relevant source of information on campus and the first campus news blog in the country.

To attain this milestone involves a lot of hard work, dedication/commitment and the selfless interest to making sure information gets to the student regardless of place, time and cost. I can say we have achieved our basic goal. Ask any student where they get information and we (KTUinsider) are the first to be mentioned.

In moving forward, we wish to open our doors to any event organizers/Promoters/Companies who wish to reach the total students’ populist to advertise through us, we will give 30% discounts to advertisers who add our logo to their flyers/banners as media partners or sponsors

Advertisers can reach us on 0240273100 /0267209683 or by email or

And we urge students and the general public who have special interest or want to be abreast with information on campus should follow us on all our social media platforms

  1. WhatsApp, send #updateme to 0240273100
  2. Facebook, search and like
  3. Instagram, search
  4. Telegram,

Thank you for making us your number one source of information, read it yourself and don’t be misled

KTUinsider, relevant online news

5th November, 2018


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