Group Petitions Dean Of Students Over Bloated SRC Budget.

Apedzego Emmanuel
Apedzego Emmanuel

A group calling itself the ‘Concerned Students of KTU has petitioned the Dean of Students, he SRC President, and the speaker of the general assembly over the claim that the SRC budget is bloated.

In their petition, it is revealed that the budget has been bloated by over GHC 41,340 (400 million old cedis).

According the spokesperson of the group, Apedzego Emmanuel, the group is not tagging anyone of the SRC executives ‘corrupt’. He continued, ’the inability to spot that the budget is ballooned may have been a genuine oversight, because the general assembly was subjected to unfavourable working condition. He further urged the executives to accept the petition in good faith and work towards finding an amicable resolution to all the concerned raised in the petition.

Some of the demands of petition are;

  • Publication of the 2017/18 SRC audited report as mandated by the SRC constitution.
  • Proper review of the current budget to cut down cost.
  • Payment of GHC 150,000 to a consultancy firm called Fliposiz.
  • Halting the intended SRC hostel project until all the vital ancillary documentation on overall cost, duration and contractor Identification has been completed and communicated to the student body.

The group also made some recommendations to the SRC. Some of these recommendations are;

  • All executive committee communication and publicity should be channelled through the PRO.
  • Since programs are held on weekly basis, the DJ’s and lightening services should be engaged on weekly basis not daily.
  • Alumni week celebration should be organised and funded by the Alumni.

A copy of the full petition could be downloaded below.


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