KTUinsider Class Representatives’ Registration 2018/2019


We are registering all course reps and their assistants on our blog. This is being done purposely to increase the flow of information on campus and recognition of course reps on campus.

We will put all course reps into a WhatsApp Group where we can send and receive information from them.

We will have a platform where Class Reschedules will be communicated directly to students from our official website to all our social media pages.

We understand the frustration students go through when classes are rescheduled or cancelled.

We are doing this for students to get information relating to their class activities/reschedules before coming to campus.

The evolution of KTUinsider is to bridge the gap between information and the students.

 NB: This can’t be taken as official registration of class Reps either by the University or SRC.

KTUinsider, we will never seize to amaze you (STUDENTS).

The wants of students are at heart.❤

Click Link below for registration👇