The Gospel Decoded, A Book By Aboagye Marcos – 2018 Overall Best Graduating Student Btech


The Bible is the bestselling book in history and it also remains the most controversial book ever written.

The author and interpreter of the Bible is the Holy Spirit; He is the spirit of truth. One character of the Holy Spirit is that He does not cause confusion. Every Christian claim they interpret the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and yet have varying and confusing interpretations to the same Bible text. Which has led to the creation of different Christian denominations.

The truth is that most people interpret the Bible based on preconception.

The stand of many denominations on the trinity, tithes, tongues, baptism, hellfire, rapture, and the Antichrist varies and sounds confusing.

This transformational book addresses these issues and many other controversial issues in Christianity. So, be ready and willing to have your preconceived understanding of the Bible challenged by what the Bible really teach

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