Supremo Writes: Campus Sanitation


According to Contemporary Online English dictionary; “sanitation is the hygienic disposal of waste and the policy and practice of protecting health through hygienic measures”.

Sanitation is one of the basic measures to good and healthy environment. I appreciate the effort of Citizen Kojo D`Holy, for his campaign against improper disposal of refuse in the country.

Let’s see what some international recognized people said concerning sanitation.

“We shall not defeat any ofinfectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won thebattle for safe drinking water, sanitation and basic health care” Kofi Annan

“Although we take it for granted,sanitation is a physical measure that has probably done more to increase humanlife span than any kind of drug or surgery” Deepak Chopra

“Sanitation should not be seen as apolitical tool, but should be connected to patriotism (rashtrabhakti) andcommitment to public health”.Narendra Modi

“You will never solve poverty withoutsolving water and sanitation”Matt Damon

“Cleanliness and good sanitation inschool is a matter of high importance”Narendra Modi

I know that, no innovation or invention can solve simple health diseases than keeping a hygienic environment.

Both on and off campus, we should do well to follow simple rules to make the place a perfect and a better place to live.

The Washrooms

About the washrooms on campus, I appeal that students use it well. Let`s protect the facility.  Whenever we use the washrooms, let`s follow the instructions and keep the place healthy.
Let’s make sure to turn off the taps to avoid overflow of the precious water which will overflow to the floor and make is slippery.  Additionally, let`s do well to prevent them from getting damaged or weakening which can help decrease accident.

We should also do well to use the containers provided for the used tissues than flashing it in the closet to prevent chocking.

Lecture Hall

As the SRC is forcing for a very sound education system, I humbly appeal to the health and welfare officer to see to the provision of small containers in all the lecture halls to ease the stress of walking meters before finding a bin to dump rubbish.

I also appeal to management to instruct the hardworking cleaners to consider a regular cleaning of the louver blades of the lecture halls as it is done in the various offices.  

Campus Surroundings

As management has make provision for bins, let`s make sure to utilize them very well. Whenever we take our snacks, drinks and others, let`s do well not to dispose their rappers and bottles anywhere but we should utilize the bins provided.

Let’s dispose rubbish well; The 2017/2018 GNUTS ambassador also provided more dustbins to cut down the stress of walking a long way before reaching one bin, with the aim of keeping the University clean.

The GNUTS ambassador provided 25 waste bins to improve the sanitation condition on campus through the GNUTS.

The ambassador, Mr Isaac Appianin said in his speech: “I believe more waste bin on campus will be an intervention as a major way to deal with the growing sanitation menace in the country as well as campus”.

Food venders (campus food venders)

I always ask and once again, am asking. For the food venders, I don’t know if someone can help me with answers to these questions.

  1. Who allowed them to sell on campus?
  2. Did they go through any text before they are allowed to sell on campus?
  3. What checks do they go through?
  4. Who do we hold responsible when there`s improper disposal of their parks, rappers, bottles, etc.?

I appeal to management to pay attention to it.

GetFund Hostel

It is very bad if you visit the GetFund hostel during the weekend. They mostly give lighter excuses that, “the cleaners don’t work during the weekend”.  

I don’t see it to be any better excuse for the hostel to be that dirty. Some students throw rubbish on the main stair case, some don’t even know where bins are sited in the hostel. Some also use the washroom as a place for throwing waste water which is unhealthy and a bad act.

I once again appeal to the leadership of the Hostel alongside management to stand firm and pay attention to this act. The hall executives should be on guard to kick out that bad behaviour students are showing there. Management should also pay attention and provide the hostel with enough containers that the students will use.

To the students as well, let`s do our possible best to follow the rules of hygiene to make the place an envious one.

Let`s hold hands and kick out dirt for a healthy KTU and mother Ghana.

The scholars said theirs but to end, I will say; sanitation is how effective man can follow rules of hygiene” – Supremo.


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