The Students Representative Council bring to your notice the importance of the Health and Welfare Desk. There is a welfare desk that handles any issue relating to the following;

Health Related Issues

If you have any issue relating to your health and you will be comfortable to share it,kindly contact the SRC health and welfare desk it could of help.

Financial Aid

Are you brilliant but needy? Are you facing challenges in paying your fees? Don’t worry at all, the SRC health and welfare desk is here to help you, provided you are brilliant but needy.


Are you facing a problem that you need someone to discuss with? Are you having sleepless night due to circumstances beyond your control?

Are you having relationship issues? Are you having issues with your Academics? Don’t worry counseling will do the magic, you will be fine just contact the SRC health and welfare desk.

Any form of abuse

Are you facing any form of abuse from students’ or lecturers? Don’t hesitate to contact the SRC health and welfare desk.


Are you feeling insecure in your hostel, apartment or even on campus? Your security is one of our major policy just get in touch with

the SRC health and welfare desk.

Insurance claims

Do you want to know more about the insurance policy that covers Students of Koforidua Technical University? Look no further than the SRC health and welfare desk.

For further enquiries call

054 335 8443
Vida Efua Gyabaah
(Health and Welfare chair)

020 957 3732
Stephanie Oforiwa Agyekum
(Health and Welfare Secretary )

Thank you.


H.E. Rapheal Elorm K.Dzivenu

Rose Denkyi

Alice Frimpomaa Boateng