KTU Lunches Corporate Cloth


Koforidua Technical University in the celebration of its 20th Anniversary and rebranding itself has designed its first corporate cloth. This cloth will help build the University’s corporate identity, identify and uniquely present the University to its stakeholders and bind its members together. We are very excited to outdoor this beautiful KTU Cloth in this ceremony. In appreciation of the hard work and commitment of staff of KTU, the cloth is given out free or pro bono to each staff in furtherance of the University’s 20th Anniversary milestone.

We are grateful to the committee that work tirelessly to facilitate the design and production of the cloth (Prof. John Owuso, Dr. Regina Okyere-Dankwah, Madam Phyllis Tetteh, Dr. Victor Dedume, Miss Florence Ohenewaa Appiah, Miss Sefarkor Awurama Adabunu).

It is our prayer that as we you put on this cloth it will unite us more as an institution and inspire us to work harder to the achievement of the Vision and Goals of the institution.

GIBit Technology


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