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It is said, “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge has enabled us to make all the advancements we have today. It has made us far more capable, superior and sophisticated beings on this earth. Knowledge is the primary factor that clearly distinguishes the human race from the animals.

Since knowledge is the fuel that drives human life, gaining knowledge is the most important activity that prepares man for a long and successful life. Schooling is the first phase of gaining knowledge.

Without knowledge, one cannot be successful in life. To grow in one’s career, gaining as much knowledge as possible is important.

GIBit Technology

Now how do we acquire this knowledge? Learning as we all know, is the only means to acquiring this knowledge.

Every student know learning is important for them, to acquire knowledge, skills and also pass their exams with good grades.

Despite this fact, many students struggle to learn. They find learning too stressful, hectic and boring. They find themselves learning only when it’s close to examination.

Those who also try their best to learn often, find themselves forgetting most of the things they’ve learnt, and they get really frustrated and discouraged.

The end result is, examination malpractice and below average performance.

As a student myself I know how this feels. That’s why through this initiative I’ll be able to help my fellow colleagues by making it possible for them to learn and revise their lecture notes, over and over again effortlessly at anytime and anywhere without any stress. This is made possible through our audio books. All you need is your phone and an earpiece if you’re outdoor.

How does it work?

Lecture notes are recorded in a clear human voice in an audio format for students to listen to over and over again with comprehension.

Background learning sounds are added to boost the level of concentration during listening.

Will it replace lecture notes?

It’s important to note that, our audio books are neither going to replace lectures nor lecture notes for that matter but rather to help students to revise their lecture notes more effectively and effortlessly and also help in retaining more of what they learn.

Below are some benefits students will derive from our audio books:

  1. Increase in the level of concentration.
  2. Retaining more of what they learn.
  3. Easy revision of lecture notes for longer hours.
  4. Revising of lecture notes is no longer limited to classrooms or indoors
  5. Students can read text more comprehensively upon revisiting their lecture notes.
  6. Students can revise their lecture notes even in noisy environment by using an earpiece.
  7. Anything you listen to over and over again becomes easy to remember – A good example is music, as you listen over and over again you’re able to remember effortlessly most if not all the lyrics of the song. Same ideology can be applied to learning.
  8. It gives the student an advantage of revising their lecture notes all day as they go about their normal duties even without their lecture notes.
  9. Student can make new lecture notes if they should by any means lose the original one.
  10. Once you order our audio book, it is saved in our database. So you can always request on demand whenever you need it again with no cost. Meaning your lecture notes are secured for you throughout the semester.

What we Offer:

  1. Converting lecture notes to audio books or any text format – either soft or hard copy.
  2. Audio duration recorded is between 2 to 5 minutes per topic.
  3. Research services.
  4. One-minute free recording bonus for first time orders.
  5. Background learning sounds.
  6. Human voice variations

For more info, contact: 0203057636 (Strictly whatasapp)


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